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Basic Membership Information

Buccaneer Gun Club is not accepting new applications at this time. We have a long Wait List established. For those applicants on the Wait List, you will need to submit a new application in 2018, signed by a sponsoring member, in order to maintain your position on the Wait List. The new application needs to be in the hands of Buccaneer Gun Club no later than December 31, 2018.

Membership applications are accepted by the club up to December 31, which is the cutoff date for current year applications. These applications are logged in the chronological order they are received. Applications are reviewed by the Membership Committee, and recommended to the general membership for vote at the January meeting. They are then processed through a double-blind lottery to determine the order in which they are inducted into BGC. The number of new members inducted in February is determined by the number of dropouts from the previous year, as there is a membership cap for the Club. Those individuals not inducted will receive a letter or email notification advising them if they wish to maintain their position on the Waiting List, they need to submit a new application. Recommendation by a current Buccaneer Gun Club Member (Sponsor) is required and it is mandatory that an applicant visit the Club with his/her Sponsor prior to submitting an application. The Sponsor must sign the application verifying that a visit to the Buccaneer Gun Club was made by the applicant.

New members fees and requirements

$500 initiation; $300 annual dues. You will also need proof of membership in the National Rifle Association.
Buccaneer Gun Club members are required to belong to the National Rifle Association. This is mandated by club by-laws.

Existing member fees and requirements

$300 dues annually; Two (2) club workdays are mandatory for anyone under seventy (70) years of age (a member is assessed $80 for each workday missed). Proof of NRA membership and a signed Range Safety Certificate and Liability Waiver form.

If you would like to apply for membership

If you know a member who is willing to sponsor you then have this member sign your application and escort you on a club visit. If you are not known by a member and would like to submit an application, we invite you to participate in any of our open matches.  This will allow you the opportunity to meet members and see our facilities.  These matches are listed on the club calendar.

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