Buccaneer Gun Club

P.O. BOX 681 - Wilmington, NC 28402





                                        CLUB MEETING


                 MONDAY, July 9, 2007 - 7:00 P.M. Carolina BBQ Restaurant  

                                               Upcoming Events


                               July  2007


                                    Sat.       7         Big Bore Silhouette Match 10:00 am

                           Sun.      8         Independence Open, Skeet          1:00 pm

                                    Mon.    9         Club Meeting                             7:00 pm

                           Sat.       14         Cowboy Action Match               9:00 am

                           Sun.      22         Action Pistol Match                   12:00 pm

                                    Sat.       28         .22 & Field Pistol                      10:00 am


                               August  2007


                                    Sat.       4         Big Bore Silhouette Match         10:00 am

                           Sat.       11         Cowboy Action Match               9:00 am

                           Sun       12         Summertime Open, Skeet           1:00 pm

                           Mon.    13         Club Meeting                             7:00 pm

                           Sat.       18         Club Workday                           8:00 am

                           Sat.       25         .22 & Field Pistol                      10:00 am

                           Sun.      26         Action Pistol Match                   12:00 pm



BUCCANEER GUN CLUB WEB SITE: www.buccaneergunclub.org

OTHER WEB SITES OF INTEREST: www: packing.org; www:ccowboys.com


WE NEED YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS:  Please send your e-mail address to the Secretary (ccaasmfc@cs.com), it is cheaper to send the newsletter that way, plus you will get club notices and For Sale items faster.  In addition, I have about 2 dozen e-mail addresses that are now undeliverable, if you used to get your newsletter via e-mail and do not now, please send in your new e-mail address.


START OF UNAPPROVED MINUTES for the June 11, 2007 Meeting:

Meeting convened at 7:00 pm, 18 members present.  The May Minutes and Treasurer’s report were approved.


Unfinished and Old Business:


The new cowboy action targets are on order and should arrive in a few weeks.  When President Scott asked if the targets would come in at their budgeted amount it was announced the expenditure should be close to budget. (Inference being slightly over budget)


The question was posed on whether the Forestry Service was done with the work in our area.  The equipment has been removed and it seems they are done with the work that they did to contain the recent forest fire on the perimeter of our club.  There is some residual changes/damage that probably will not be fixed to include; the demolition of some of the plant life that acted as border for our club, ditching and plowing on certain portions of our land, and the breaching of our earthen boundary berm in certain places.

 It was reported that Paul Barton of Barton Steel is donating the labor and materials to construct a new gate at the new entrance to our Club.  No completion date was announced.

 The swinging gong targets at 100 yards have been rebuilt and rehung.

 The Club needs some volunteers to do some moving and weed clean up prior to the next work day.


New Business:


It was brought up that we need more used utility poles to be used in the construction of certain areas of our club as we build the new shooting stations. President Scott will follow up with some utilities in Brunswick County to see about obtaining more poles.  (Many thanks to David Caulkins for filling in as Secretary)


Meeting adjourned at 7:22 pm. 

END OF UNAPPROVED MINUTES for the 6/11/2007 Meeting.



The Buccaneer Gun Club is an all volunteer club.  That means each person is responsible for keeping the club in good shape and left in better condition than when found.  In the past few weeks someone has been using the skeet fields and not reloading the machines.  On several occasions the machines have been shot completely empty and left that way.  That means the next person has to load the machines both before and after they shoot. 


If there are no targets in the houses, extra targets are now kept in a conex container by the club house, as opposed to the old system where they were kept off-site and carried to the skeet field .  The combination to the lock on the container is located on a lined sheet of paper in the middle skeet house where your rounds shot are kept.  If there are no targets in the house it is your responsibility to run over and get some.  If you do not, that just puts the responsibility on another member. 


This problem appears to be getting worse.  If it continues the Club may have to consider revoking the open access skeet privileges and move to a system where a range officer must be present to shoot during designated hours.    


REMINDER:  It is near the end of the second quarter and the skeet accounts will be tallied – if you are behind, now is the time to send in a check to cover your skeet account. 


CLUB NEEDS ROLLER CONVEYORS The Club needs the roller conveyors used to unload boxes off  trucks – they are about 8 feet long and about 2 feet wide with rollers on them.  We need then for storing the pallets of skeet target in the conex box.  The pallets could just be rolled in and rolled out.  If anyone knows where we might get some (free if possible) please call John Scott (910) 470-8457. 



Mr  Milo McNaughton died Sunday, June 17, 2007 after a short illness.  Our condolences go out to the family. 


Independence Day can be celebrated due to the sacrifices of freedom’s warriors. Be sure to thank someone in the military, past and present. For those of you who have served and are serving, I extend my heartfelt appreciation for the peace and honor you bring our great nation. Yes, we are at war on foreign soil... our warriors preventing the battle from spilling onto our shores... allowing us the independence and freedom to celebrate all blessings.

The Second Amendment provides for “...the right of the People to keep and bear arms...,” with it comes the responsibility to be aware of our enemies, both foreign and domestic, that would infringe upon that right. We must be willing to defend that right with the “pen and the sword”. There are those in society and government that would “dance in the streets” if legislation would void our firearms rights. Terrorist lurk among us waiting to strike at all costs... can you imagine being unable to defend your family should havoc hit small town America? Use the “pen” for the anti-gun ilk and the “sword” for the terrorist that kill with no conscience. May the later never come to our shores again... the former we battle every day.

Be alert,


JUNE ACTION PISTOL MATCH (Sholar Powell: We had a fairly good turnout for the June match, with several new shooters and spectators as well.  Hot day at the range, and storms threatened for the entire match, but we got it in.  And we ended up with a Shoot Off in the Falling Plate match, with Dave Sutton edging out Brian Legere for the win.  See you in July.


Semi-Auto         Expert                          Ray Campbell                                        390/39x

                        Pistolero                        Dave Sutton – SOW                              270/27x

Revolver           Expert                          Ray Campbell                                        420/42x

                        Pistolero                        Brian Legere                                          230/23x



Semi-Auto         Expert                          Ray Campbell                                        423/16x

                        Pistolero                        Dave Sutton                                          252/1x

Revolver           Expert                          Ray Campbell                                        434/14x

                        Pistolero                        Brian Legere                                          109/2x




 Three members of the Buccaneer Gun Club plus one spouse participated in this year's Mule Camp which was held from May 24 through May 27 just outside of Atlanta, GA.  Mule Camp is the Single Action Shooting Society's Southeast Regional Cowboy Action Shooting Championship and is one of their premier events.  This year Mule Camp was limited to just over 400 shooters. 

 Participating from our club were Randy Pridgen, aka Bourbon Shooter, Ed Weingart, aka Dodge City Dude, Bill Wetherill, aka Ragtime Kid, and Karen Wetherill, aka Carolina Rose.  All represented the club admirably against tough competition with three placing in their categories.  Ed Weingart finished 7th as an Elder Statesman (70 and over).  Bill Wetherill finished 9th as a Senior (60 and over).  Karen Wetherill finished 2nd as a Ladies Senior (60 and over).  Karen lost in a very close match to a shooter from Colorado.  Karen actually had the best time but lost by two rank points.

 Evil Roy, who had earlier this year given his shooting school at our club, participated at Mule Camp and announced to a group of participants that not only were the schools at Buccaneer Gun Club the second largest he had ever had, but it was the nicest group of people he had ever worked with.



 June 1897


Headline: Mrs. Holliday Goes Shopping For A New Pet


Ever since Dick Holliday shot Mrs. Holliday’s cat she had been wanting get another pet.........She went to the local pet store and immediately spotted a large beautiful parrot.....The sign on the bird cage that said reduced to $50.00......."Why so little?" she asked the pet store owner.........The owner looked at her and said....."I guess I should tell you first that this bird used to live in a house pf prostitution, and sometimes it says some pretty vulgar stuff."  After thinking about it for a minute and deciding that she'd probably already heard all the vulgar stuff that she could hear from her other half, she paid for the bird and took him home.......


She placed the bird's cage in the parlor and sat down to wait for the bird to say something.......Pretty soon the bird looked around the room and then at her and said, "New house, new madam"....She was a little shocked at the implication but figured that was not really all that bad........


A little later her two teenage daughters came in from school......when the bird saw them he said, "New house, new madam and new girls".....They were all a little offended but they laughed off the situation considering how and where the parrot had been raised.....


A short while later, Dick Holliday came in for the evening and the bird looked at him and said....."Hey Dick, how's it hanging?????


The June match was sort of a Retro match as we went back to some of the tomfoolery from the early days of the Buccaneer Range Regulators........It was so hot that we didn't get to do all the fun stuff that Dick Holliday had dreamed up but most of us did get in four stages.......The highlight of the day was a stage called "Knock-Knock-Knock-Knock".....we took an old door and cut a section out of the middle and made it so we could fill the hole with card board....The Cowboy was required to blow a big hole in the door with 4 shotgun blasts and then run to the door and all the pistol and rifle shots had to be fired through the hole he or she had just blown in the door.......Another stage required 2 tomahawks to be thrown at the tomahawk target and a 5 second bonus was given for each tomahawk and stuck in the target......The final match score was actually decided by the tomahawks as Dick Holliday stuck two and Wanted stuck only one.........






The scores went like this:


Dick Holliday                Match winner                172.92

Wanted                         Senior winner                174.96

Tiger Kid                      Traditional winner          176.11

Saloon Keeper               SS Winner                     214.63

Dodge City Dude          Elder Statesman winner  235.98

Shady Shyster                 Senior                           236.06

Bullseye Mike                 49er Winner                   239.09

Roberdel                       Senior                           247.61

Idaho Spud                   Elder Statesman             250.90

Silver Dollar Sunny         Senior Duelist Winner     252.54  

Cowboy Cloud             Duelist                          260.40

Little Mix                      Traditional                     260.87

Jefro                             49er                              261.63

The Barber                    SS                                 274.83

Killer Karl                     49er                              278.94

Paco Blackie                  Senior                           335.41

Doc Clock                    Elder Statesman             389.59

Ragtime Kid                  did not finish

Carolina Rose                did not finish

Stalker                           did not finish

Hoggleg                        did not finish

Castle Hayne Kid           did not finish


Be with us on the second Saturday of July when we'll be shooting some stages designed by Dodge City Dude........So until next time don't forget to ......."Take a kid shooting"  .....Respectfully submitted......Ned Bluntline