Buccaneer Gun Club

P.O. BOX 681 - Wilmington, NC 28402






                                        CLUB MEETING


           MONDAY, December 10, 2007 - 7:00 P.M. Carolina BBQ Restaurant  

                                               Upcoming Events


                               December  2007


                                    Sat.       8         Cowboy Action Match               9:00 am

                                    Sun.      9         Ho-Ho-Ho Open, Skeet            1:00 pm

                           Mon.    10         Club Meeting                             7:00 pm




                               January  2008


                                    Sat.       12         Cowboy Action Match               9:00 am

                                    Sun.      13         Mid-Winter Open, Skeet             1:00 pm

                                    Mon.    14         Club Meeting                             7:00 pm

                           Sat.       13         Dog Trials

                           Sat.       26         David Miller Deer Rifle Challenge




BUCCANEER GUN CLUB WEB SITE: www.buccaneergunclub.org

OTHER WEB SITES OF INTEREST: www: packing.org; www:ccowboys.com




WE NEED YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS:  Please send your e-mail address to the Secretary (ccaasmfc@cs.com), it is cheaper to send the newsletter that way, plus you will get club notices and For Sale items faster.  In addition, I have about 2 dozen e-mail addresses that are now undeliverable, if you used to get your newsletter via e-mail and do not now, please send in your new e-mail address.


START OF UNAPPROVED MINUTES for the 11/12/07 Meeting:

Meeting convened at 7:00 pm, and a quorum was not present.  Thus no business was conducted.


END OF UNAPPROVED MINUTES for the 11/12/07 Meeting.


2007 Membership Application List (as of 11/30/2007)



    Applicant                 BGC Sponsor                          


1.  John McCoy             Ray Campbell

2.  Frank Zito*               Jim Caison

3.  Ronald Gregoire*      Jim Shaw

4.  Jim Cushing*             Rayford Marrett

5.  Larry Coble*             Charles Gambino

6.  Andy Bessellieu*        Jerry Rouse

7.  Wayne Varner*          Vic Grose

8.  Tom Craven             Walter Craven

9.  Kevin Croom           Don Alercia

10.  Ron Waidlich*         Robert McHenry

11.  Bill Fortune, Jr.*       Jerry Fipps

12.  Hermon Smith        Ray Campbell

13.  Keith Lane              Greg Taylor

14.  Justin Marsh*           Mike Marsh

15.  Robert Hansard       Danny Buck

16.  Alan Jones               Jim Caison

17.  Edward Mitchell      Jim Caison

18.  Norfleet Jones         Jerry Fipps

19.  Harold Klick           Don Pelling

20.  Martin Sevek           Bill Harding

21.  Phillip Denardo       Andrew Barton

22.  Ron Baggett                        Bill Harding

23.  David Miller*          Chris Benedict

24.  Jack Phillips             Kevin Hill

25.  Steven Croom         Ed Weingart

26.  Mitch Lamm           Dick Brame

27.  Patrick Kite*            Sholar Powell

28.  Joe Mayfield                        Ed Weingart     

29.  Eric Leo                 Ray Campbell

30.  Mickey Embler        Don Pelling

31.  Joel Joyce                Scott Jamison

32.  Tom Dixon                        Ray Campbell

33.  Barry Rhody            Richard Dunlea

34.  Robert White           Ed Weingart

35.  Archie Barringer II   Robert McHenry

36.  Cory Williams          Richard Thompson

37.  Richard Blalock       Jerry Fipps

38.  Alton Herndon*      Brad Phillips

39.  James Longley         Jerry Fipps

40.  Howard Stein*        Jack Kilbourne

41.  Cobern Peterson      Charlie Ruppe

42.  Arthur Umbricht     Jeff DeSantis

43.  James Larson          Doug Hewett

44.  Jerry Blanchard        Ray Campbell

45.  Timothy Sudol        Jay Della Bella

46.  Bob Moseman*       Ron Prince

47.  Kenneth Hooks       Lee Morgan

48.  Dennis Davis           Jim Caison

49.  Dave Blankenship    Tom Morgan

50.  John Andrade          Darris Ehrenfeld

51.  Thomas Baldwin     John Scott

52.  Dick McLaughlin     Dick Brame



* - denotes applicant from Waiting List



OCTOBER ACTION PISTOL MATCH (Sholar Powell):  (EDITORS NOTE:  Some of the scores were inadvertently left out of last months report, thus the October Match report is repeated in its entirety.)  We had the highest turnout of the year for our last match….guess the free fried chicken had impact on attendance!  Had plans for 7-8 shooters, and we ended up with at least twice that number of both shooters and spectators.  Kevin Hill had to make a quick run to Leland for re-supply on fried bird.  Campbell succeeded in locking his keys in his truck for the 40-leventh time this year.  When it was mentioned that a lot of folks kept spare keys in their wallets, Ray pointed to his wallet on the dash…..sometimes you just can’t help it.  He coat-hangered her loose and was back in business shortly.  Ray also had a “Cowboy” portion of the match; shooters used both pistols and rifles to shoot the Plate and Mover matches.  We shot the match as a “freebie” for an end of the year treat, so all scores are reported rather than winners.  Hope to see all of these shooters back for the first match of 2008 in April.



Semi-Auto                     David Ruehle                 440/44x                       

Jay Della Bella                420/42x                       

Bill Green, Jr.                 390/39x                       

Ray Campbell                380/38x                       

Don Pelling                   380/38x                       

Tom Johanson               320/32x                       

Jay Della Bella                300/30x                       

Dan Hoemann               300/30x                       

Jerry Blanchard              290/29x                       

Lon Layton                   250/25x                       

David Ruehle                 220/22x                       

Avery Hill                      220/22x                       

Rich Ruehle                   150/15x


Revolver                       Kevin Hill                      460/46x                       

Bill Green, Jr.                 410/41x

                                    Tom Johanson               390/39x                       

Avery Hill                      330/33x


Cowboy                                   Ray Campbell                350/35x                       

Kevin Croom                300/30x



Semi-Auto                     Jay Della Bella                454/30x                       

David Ruehle                 446/30x                       

Don Pelling                   438/20x                       

Bill Green, Jr.                 406/10x                       

Ray Campbell                403/10x                       

Ray Jackson                   393/7x            

David Ruehle                 392/9x            

Jay Della Bella                389/12x                       

Dan Hoemann               339/7x            

Tom Johanson               317/3x            

Lon Layton                   266/2x            

Jerry Blanchard              264/5x            

Rich Ruehle                   186/1x


Revolver                       Tom Johanson               374/9x            

Bill Green                      359/5x


Cowboy                                   Ray Campbell                435/9x            

Kevin Croom                350/4x




The first event of the annual Buccaneer – LeJeune Challenge was held at Camp LeJeune Sunday, December 2.  The Buccaneer Gun Club squeaked by with a 3 target lead.  The scores went like this:


Buccaneer Gun Club                           Camp LeJeune

Dick Brame                   99                     Darron Todd                95

Jennings Rose                94                     Shawn Pyle                    94

Dlon Downing              92                     Brian Hill                       92

John Scott                     91                     Jim Hill                         92

Lloyd McGowen           89                     David Meffert               89

                                   465                                                       462


The next event will be held at the Buccaneer Gun Club Sunday, December 16.  Come on out, shoot some targets, eat some lunch and have some fun. 





From The Legislative Bench... The Year 2007 is nearly over... it has been dotted with the ever present skirmishes to uphold the Second Amendment. The coming year may well be a launching pad for the worst of battles since the Assault Weapons Ban. If an “unfriendly” takes the White House in November 2008 and is linked with the unfavorable Congress, well, one doesn’t have to be clairvoyant to envision the need to assemble the troops.


We must be proactive in our approach to defending the Second Amendment... take the offensive by contacting, as appropriate, local, state, and federal legislators and passionately express your concerns. Ask for support from the legislator and request a reply stating his/her position. The NC state legislators may be contacted in group by e-mail at the following addresses: NC House at nchousemenbers@ncleg.net , NC Senate at ncsenatemembers@ncleg.net , and the total NC Legislature (both groups) at internete-mail@ncleg.net .


The federal legislators may be contacted through the use of the NRA’s system by accessing   "Write Your Representatives" tool at www.NRAILA.org. If you have any problems with access, give me a call or drop me an e-mail... the information for doing so is listed on the side bar of the BGC Newsletter.


I wish you and yours a blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year filled with firearms!


Ho, Ho, Ho,





November 1897


Before I get into the Headline news items I have some sad news to report.....One of our cowboys past away the other day......Cowboy Cloud also known as Richard McCloud lost his battle with Cancer........To be honest with you  I'd never even heard his real name until he missed a few matches and I heard that he was sick......Cloud was a real tall cowboy in several ways...one was his stature as he was six feet two or three inches tall.......Another way he stood tall as his manner at matches.......he was always happy and whether the scorers messed up his score or he messed up a stage he was always the same.......He would always just shrug it off because he knew that it's only a game and he went to have a good time......Cloud was one of those cowboys that you were always glad to see.......His jovial nature was always an asset to any posse.......I've never seen a definition of the term "The Cowboy Way" but if I were the editor of a cowboy dictionary, I'd put Cowboy Clouds picture right beside the definition.........Cloud will be missed........Dick Holliday





Headline: "Little Dick" Holliday Goes to School


"Little Dick" Holliday (Dick Holliday's younger son by the way)  showed up at Regulatorville Elementary School a little late and looking very tired on Wednesday morning.....After checking the roll, the School Marm asked everybody to pass their homework to the front of the class.  Little Dick raised his hand and said he didn't have his (which by the way was not an unusual occurrence)......From previous experience, the Marm knew that she was bound to hear a great tale from Little Dick as to why he didn't have his homework....So she could hardly want to hear what happened this time.....She remembered in her mind some of the previous tales such as the time Rustlers stole his saddle bag or the time a band of Injuns raided his home just to steal his homework.....She settled back in her seat because she knew it may be a long story......She made Little Dick come up to the front of the class to give his explanation.......Little Dick related to the class that he couldn't do his homewrok because he'd been up all night cleaning chickens......He started back for his seat when the Marm stopped him and said he'd have to give a better explanation than that........Little Dick said OK and related the following.......Dick said he was just getting ready to do his homework about 1:00am when his father Dick Holliday Sr was woke up from a deep sleep by a ruckus coming from the henhouse......He reminded the class that Dick Senior sleeps in the nude.....Dick grabbed his Greener 10 gauge double trigger hammer shotgun and ran out the back door without even putting on his pants.......Dick had trouble in the past with foxes raiding the henhouse and figgered he'd put an end to it this time.........As Dick jumped off the back porch he was followed closely by his trusty Blue Tick hound "Cold Nose"......Dick got on hands and knees and stuck the Greener through the hole the fox had made in the coup and was just starting to crawl into the coup to blast the fox when Ole Cold Nose came up behind Dick to investigate Dick's nude rear end.....Well to make a long story short, Little Dick said, "I was up all night cleaning chickens."........


Here are the sores:


1          Wanted                                     Top Gun                                  202.53

2          Dick Holliday                            Traditional Winner                     229.27

3          High Noon Henry                      Traditional                                 249.21

4          Tiger Kid                                  Senior Winner                            258.25              

5          Semo Joe                                  Modern Winner                         272.30                          

6          Range Raider                             Senior                                       287.74

7          Dodge City Dude                      Elder Statesman Winner              296.94              

8          Shady Shyster                             Senior                                       347.41              

9          Snake Eye Charlie                      49er Winner                               361.73

10         Irish Lace                                  Ladies Trad Winner                    402.10              

11         Paco Blackie*                             Senior                                       407.88

12         Kid Jalleo                                  49er                                          415.45

13         Billy Byrd                                  Senior                                       420.15

14         E-Town Marshall                       Silver Senior Winner                   443.99

15         Kid Blacks Dad **                     49er                                          703.77

16         Kid Black**                               Junior                                       727.02

17         Smoking Gnu **#                     Ladies Junior                             189.28


* Clean Shoot

** Firzt time shooter

# Rifle only



Be with us on the second Saturday of the month match when we'll be at it again.........In the meantime don't forget to "Take a kid shooting"........Respectfully submitted....Ned Bluntline