Buccaneer Gun Club

P.O. BOX 681 - Wilmington, NC 28402





                                        CLUB MEETING


                MONDAY, June 12, 2006 - 7:00 P.M. Carolina BBQ Restaurant  


                                               Upcoming Events




                                      June  2006


                                    Sat.       1         Big Bore Silhouette Match

                           Sat.       8         Cowboy Action Match

                           Sun.      9         Independence Open, Skeet

                           Mon.    10         Club Meeting

                           Sat.       22         .22 & Field Pistol

                           Sun.      23         Action Pistol Match


                                      July  2006


                                    Sat.       1         Big Bore Silhouette Match

                           Sat.       8         Cowboy Action Match

                           Sun.      9         Independence Open, Skeet

                           Mon.    10         Club Meeting

                           Sat.       22         .22 & Field Pistol

                           Sun.      23         Action Pistol Match


BUCCANEER GUN CLUB WEB SITE: www.buccaneergunclub.org

OTHER WEB SITES OF INTEREST: www: packing.org; www:ccowboys.com


WE NEED YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS:  Please send your e-mail address to the Secretary (ccaasmfc@cs.com), it is cheaper to send the newsletter that way, plus you will get club notices and For Sale items faster.  In addition, I have about 2 dozen e-mail addresses that are now undeliverable, if you used to get your newsletter via e-mail and do not now, please send in your new e-mail address.


START OF UNAPPROVED MINUTES for the 5/08/06 Meeting:

Meeting convened at 7:00 pm, 20 members and 6 probationary members present.  The April Minutes and Treasurers report were approved.


Unfinished and Old Business:

Ground breaking for the new Ashley High School indoor shooting range will be at 10:00am on May 31.  BGC is donating $1000 to the construction costs.  


New Business:

Work on clearing the new property in preparation for relocating the skeet fields has begun.  Motion was made an approved to pay for operating expenses for the bulldozer and to cover any loss on the sale of the bulldozer after clearing is complete.  Passed.


A club member (or members) is needed to headup planning and trap house construction for the new skeet and trap fields. 


National Big Bore Silhouette shoot will be held on the club property May 26-29.  The silhouette ranges will be closed but the rest of the club property will be open for members use. 


Location of club store will have to change.  Details will have to be worked out. 


 Meeting adjourned at 7:35 pm. 

END OF UNAPPROVED MINUTES for the 5/08/06 Meeting.


New Skeet Account System:  In order to reduce the burden on club volunteers, starting this year you will no longer receive a skeet account statement via mail or email.  Instead your account will be posted in the middle skeet house (where the skeet log books are) and you can see how much you have in your account at the end of each quarter.  You still have to log in the rounds you shoot in the notebooks, but your account statement will no longer be sent to you.  You are responsible for keeping up with your skeet account and making sure it never goes into the red. 


\Ashley High School Shooting Range Construction  - Help Needed


Some 60 yards of concrete is needed immediately as the Ashley High School air rifle range construction begins around June 10th. If any Buccaneer member can assist in any way with supplying concrete, arranging a substantial discount, or by offering cash to help out, please contact Bob Neale at 799-2024 or email at robtneale@aol.com so he can make arrangements with David Foster at Ashley and the contractor (Taylor construction).


While the club has just donated $1000 towards the range at its ground breaking ceremony on May 31st, and a few of us have also made individual contributions, the range project is currently short about $40K of the total $136K amount. Obviously, the fund raising effort continues. Any additional help club members can provide will therefore be extremely warmly received as you assist the incredibly successful NJROTC cadets in their future shooting efforts.




Fifteen shooters turned out on the 21st for the May shoot.  It was delayed until the 21st to allow observation of Motherís day.  (I assume all of you properly observed Mothers day.)


We had two first time shooters.  They were Thelma DeSantis and James Caison.  Welcome to both of you.  We are always glad to have new shooters Ė especially another lady to join Sunny McHenry. 


John Scott had the top score of the day to win Class A with a 49.  Bill Bertrand was close behind with a 46.


Ron Waidlick won Class B with a 45.  Jeff DeSantis won Class C with a 43.  He was followed closely by Chuck Gambino with a 41.


Fred Welfare and Bob Graham tied with 42 in Class D.  Fred won the doubles at 3, 4, and 5 shoot off to take the class.


 Lewis Carlton won Class E with a 42 and  Larry Moore was winner of class F  (score 22).


And the New Shooter Class was won by James Caison with a 44.  He was followed by Thelma DeSantis who had a 31 in her first time out.


Trap targets were again shot for the record.  We will have one more for record only shoot in trap.  Starting in July we will have contests in both skeet and trap.


Sunny McHenry again supplied refreshments.  Those of us who did not shoot well were comforted by some excellent cup cakes.  Thanks




I trust you and yours enjoyed a meaningful Memorial Day. It is truly a day for reflection, a day to remember and appreciate our men and women in the military, past and present. It is the ultimate sacrifice of the fallen and the grief of loved ones left behind that places an uncountable price on the liberties we enjoy. We should not take this for granted... we should cherish the least of our freedoms... for it is protected with the blood, sweat, and tears of patriots. With deep appreciation to all who have served and to those who continue to guard our path, I thank you.


The following excerpt (italics) was issued by the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) on 5/25:


It looks like ABC News has no problem at all with the appearance of bias, now that they've assigned a reporter who used to work for Handgun Control, Inc. to cover  firearms-related stories... Washington correspondent Jake Tapper... his obvious bias greatly alarms SAF founder Alan M. Gottlieb.


"It is no wonder why so many American citizens believe there is an institutional bias in the national press," Gottieb continued. "Tapper has an established anti-gun bias, and for a network that claims objectivity, having him report on gun-related stories is insulting," Gottlieb said.


Well, it appears we are in for more negative propaganda from the media. This is a new twist to the old saying, "...learn your ABC's." Kind of goes with "...know thine enemies...", Sun Tzu Wu.


The following information (italics) was provided by Grass Roots North Carolina on 5/28:


HB 1415, a bill we have been watching since last year, will be brought for consideration before the NC Senate Judiciary I committee.  This onerous bill would serve to register your guns and doesn't deserve serious consideration by this committee.

[Analysis]  HB 1415, "Gun Owner Registration Act", had the original intention of simply reporting back to the home county sheriff if a person was denied a pistol purchase permit in a different county.  As bills involving guns tend to do, this one has been amended beyond recognition, passed out of the house and now heads to the NC Senate Judiciary I committee.  In its present form, it now will REGISTER anyone who is denied a permit in a DATABASE with the State Bureau of Investigation.  Also included is an amendment by WILMA SHERRILL (R - Buncombe) that includes people under protective orders in this database.  People under protective orders have not been convicted of anything and in fact may not have even had an opportunity to defend themselves in court.

The House pulled one over on you by amending and fast tracking this bill in order to avoid constituent input.  Now it heads for the Senate.  In its present form, HB 1415 is unnecessarily obtrusive and is opposed by GRNC.

In the matter of Pistol Purchase Permits, a county sheriff's discretion in issuing a denial is broad.  The reasons are too numerous to fully quantify here, but for instance a sheriff is allowed to set the number of permits he will grant in any given period.  So if the sheriff decides that he will only issue three permits a year and you apply for a fourth one that would be grounds for denial, in which case you would then be registered in an SBI DATABASE!  It is also worth noting that your county sheriff may deny you based on his judgment that you are not of "good moral character."  One wonders if some sheriffs may judge anyone who owns guns to not be of "good moral character."


Keep an eye on this Bill... it's a sleeper. Contact your representatives and voice your concern.


Aim well,






May 1897


Headline: Who Painted My Horse????

 "Dodge City Dude" had been in town for a couple of hours getting a shave, bath and getting some gear ready to go on a cattle drive in a couple of days.  He came out of Hogg Legg's barber shop feeling really good and smelling fine.......He crossed the dirt street to check on his horse "Buck Shot".....Everything was fine with the horse except for one think....Buck Shot's private parts had been painted a real bright yellow color......Dude's temperature went from 98.6 to boiling in less than a second......He went over to June Bug's general store and yelled...."who's the low down skunk that painted my horse".....After giving everybody in the store the evil eye he stomped out and headed over to the OK Corral and no one over there would claim the deed.......By this time the rage was almost unbearable for  Dude....He proceeded over to the Bleeding Heart saloon and as soon as he cleared the door he yelled......"Who's the low down pile of buffalo crap that painted my horses privates yellow"..........A graveyard type silence fell over the saloon as Dude waited for an answer.....The sound of a chair sliding from under a table was heard and Dude looked toward the sound only to see a cowboy the size of a grizzly bear starting to stand up........The cowboy was "One Eyed Ray"....a six foot seven inch tall monster who had the reputation of being able to rip a man's arms off and beat him to death with them........."One Eyed Ray" paused for a second and looked at Dude and said......"I did"....................Dude stammered a little, cleared his throat, and meekly said...."Well I just thought I'll let you know that the first coat is dry".................


We had a good shoot in May as we had 25 shooters and the competition was fierce but we still had a good time.....We shot six stages and used the cowboy range as well as the action pistol plate range.......the scores in order of finish went like this.....



MAY 13, 2006

COWBOY/COWGIRL           CAT     INFORMATION                               TIME

1 RAGTIME KID                                TOP GUN                                           205.6

2 HEADMASTER                    S          TOP SENIOR                                      241.59

3 BULLSEYE MIKE                T          TOP TRADITIONAL                          261.6

4 MAD DOG                           T                                                                      270.91

5 TIGER KID                          T          CLEAN SHOOT                               281.63

6 STALKER                             S                                                                      286.47

7 PADDI MACGARRETT       T                                                                      291.24

8 ROBERDALE                       T                                                                      292.65

9 DICK HOLLIDAY               T                                                                      299.91

10 DODGE CITY DUDE       ES        TOP ELDER STATSMAN                   319.61

11 KILLER KARL                    T                                                                      320.11

12 LITTLE MIX                       T                                                                      324.21

13 SONNY                              D         TOP DUELIST/CLEAN SHOOT     324.83

14 COWBOY CLOUD                         D                                                                     329.08

15 MARSHALL                        T                                                                      333.48

16 HOGG LEGG                    BW       TOP "B" WESTERN                            365.07

17 CAROLINA ROSE              L49      LADIES 49er WINNER                      374.11

18 PACO BLACKIE                 T                                                                      381.55

19 STICK                                 T                                                                      393.33

20 JUNE BUG                                     M         TOP MODERN                                   402.75

21 DOC CLOCK                     ES                                                                    415.49

22 IDAHO SPUD                     S                                                                      430.59

23 SHADY SHYSTER              T                                                                      441.89

24 ONE EYE RAY                  T                                                                      508.01

25 BILLY BYRD                      T                                                                      557.66