Buccaneer Gun Club

P.O. BOX 681 - Wilmington, NC 28402





                                        CLUB MEETING


                MONDAY, April 10, 2006 - 7:00 P.M. Carolina BBQ Restaurant  


                                               Upcoming Events



                                       April 2006


                                    Sat.       1         Big Bore Silhouette Match

                           Sat.       8         Cowboy Action Match

                           Sun.      9         Tax Break Open Skeet

                           Mon.    10         Club Meeting

                           Sat.       22         .22 & Field Pistol          

                           Sun.      23         Action Pistol Match


                                      May  2006


                                    Sat.       6         Club Workday

                           Mon.    8         Club Meeting

                           Sat.       13         Cowboy Action Match

                                    Sun.      14         Summer Warm Up Open,


                           Sat.       26-29    National Long Range Big Bore Silhouette Match,

                                                   Fields Reserved

                           Sat.       27         .22 & Field Pistol

                           Sun.      28         Action Pistol Match


BUCCANEER GUN CLUB WEB SITE: www.buccaneergunclub.org

OTHER WEB SITES OF INTEREST: www: packing.org; www:ccowboys.com


WE NEED YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS:  Please send your e-mail address to the Secretary (ccaasmfc@cs.com), it is cheaper to send the newsletter that way, plus you will get club notices and For Sale items faster.  In addition, I have about 2 dozen e-mail addresses that are now undeliverable, if you used to get your newsletter via e-mail and do not now, please send in your new e-mail address.


TURN IN YOUR OLD CLUB KEY:    We need your old key, please leave it in the clubhouse next time you come out to the club.  There will be a can marked  “Old Keys” in the club house for this purpose. 


START OF UNAPPROVED MINUTES for the 3/13/06 Meeting:

Meeting convened at 7:03 pm, 25 members, 6 probationary and 1 guest present.  The February Minutes and Treasurers report were approved.


Unfinished and Old Business:

There were 40 members at the March workday, a lot of needed cleanup was done. 


Please note the attached order for BGC shirt and cap orders. 


Sholar Powell has reserved the club from 4:00 pm until 10:00 pm on Thursday, April 20.


New Business:

Several of the new members this year had never visited the Club before orientation.  It is the responsibility of the sponsoring member(s) to host the prospective new member at the club before they are admitted.  The new membership applications will have language on the sponsor line reminding members to take prospective members to the club. 


New Skeet Account System.  In order to reduce the burden on club volunteers, starting this year you will no longer receive a skeet account statement via mail or email.  Instead your account will be posted in the middle skeet house (where the skeet log books are) and you can see how much you have in your account at the end of each quarter.  You still have to log in the rounds you shoot in the notebooks, but your account statement will no longer be sent to you.  You are responsible for keeping up with your skeet account and making sure it never goes into the red. 


 Meeting adjourned at 7:27 pm. 


END OF UNAPPROVED MINUTES for the 2/13/06 Meeting.



Fourteen shooters participated in the March monthly shoot. The weather behaved as if it were June, and shorts and T-shirts were the standard uniform. The targets did not seem impressed by the nice weather and a number of them kept on flying when they should have broken to bits.         .


Larry Moore in his first appearance at out club took the beginner class. Bear McHenry took class F with a 26. Bobby McHenry took class E (and the McHenry family championship) with a 38. Sunny (Mrs. McHenry) was close behind with a 33. Alex Zukodski won class D with a 44. Jeff DeSantis won class C with a fine 48. He was alone in class C so the others in that class will certainly be intimidated now. Fred Welfare won class B with a 44.


Bill Bertrand was an exception to that earlier statement about targets that kept on flying when they should have broken. He smashed a perfect 50 to win class A. Congratulations Bill!


Remember this shoot takes place the second Sunday in every month except for May when it will be on the third Sunday. So come on out and try your hand. Bring your friends along. It is open to the public.


TRAP SHOOTING: Since the Camp Lejeune boys managed to barely eek by BGC this year in the challenge shoot, we decided to add trap to the monthly skeet shoots as a means to practice more. We will start on Sunday, April 9 right after the skeet shoot competition.  You can shoot in either the skeet or trap or both.  Bring a friend; it’s open to the public.




We are looking at ordering Valiant lead bullets in the near future and as always we need subscriptions from club members to get a large enough order for Valiant to deliver them to Wilmington....we need 125,000 or so to get it to work.  These are the best deal going on lead bullets and most style pistol bullets as well as a few rifle bullets are available.  Give me a call and let me know what you want to order and when we get enough to place the order, I'll give you a call and at that point you can send me some money....if you want prices give me a call.....get a bunch because "They don't go bad".....My cell # is 910-520-4822..........Ray Campbell  dhc@ec.rr.com


BGC Clothing Order (Sholar Powell):  It's that time of the year again, and we're planning to order logo clothing from Queensboro Shirt Company in conjunction with the new member class of 2006.  There are some changes from the way we have ordered in the past, so please note the following steps to be taken for your order.


1.  Deadline for delivery of your order, and a check made out to BGC for the sales amount plus 7% NC tax is Monday, April 10 (Club meeting night).

2.  Queensboro no longer produces a catalog.  All items for sale are shown on their website.

3.  Enter their site at:  www.queensboro.com

4.  Login to the Buccaneer account by using the following:

            Customer number:  259897

            Zip Code:  28402

5.  Choose the items you wish to purchase and write down the following info for each item:.

            Style number, item description, size, color, quantity, price for each, total price

6.  Add your total charge, apply 7% tax, and determine total charge.

7.  Return order, and check made out to BGC for the total amount, to Sholar Powell between April 1 and the April 10 deadline.


We have a few constraints on this order, so please make sure you cover these issues.

1.  Pricing is ONLY GOOD FOR TWO WEEKS.  Therefore, do not compute your order total until after April 1, and be sure you use the current pricing on Queensboro’s web site.

2.  The logo will have ‘fixed’ colors:  gold background and black lettering…no options.

3.   If we order hats, they require a minimum of six (6).   If you want a hat, work with other Club members to insure we make the minimum order.

4.  Do not order clothing on-line….we have agreed with Queensboro we will deliver ONE order for the entire club on April 11.


Member’s Name:     ___________________________       Phone #_______________

E-mail address:   _______________________________



 Style No.        Description                              Size        Color            Qty   Price Ea.  Total





                                                                                                            7% tax___________


                                                                                                            Total  ____________







By Fred Welfare


            On March 18-19, Buccaneer Gun Club held the tenth in the “March Winds Open” series.  It is hard to believe that a decade has passed, but the years fly by.  Participation has more than doubled since the first MWO.  A lot of new shooters appeared but there were also some who were present at the original MWO.  Thirty competitors shot 111 guns – thirty 12 gauge, twenty nine 20 gauge, twenty eight 28 gauge, and twenty four 410.


            During much of March the temperature had been what we would ordinarily expect in late May.  However, the weatherman got back in phase and the temperature was a bit brisk for the third weekend in March.  There was enough wind to justify the “March Winds” portion of the name, but not enough to be serious.


            In the 12 gauge, on Saturday morning, Harold Powell (Goldsboro, NC) and Scott McIntyre tied with 99.  Harold won the shoot-off to take the gauge championship and Scott McIntyre took A1.  John Scott took Class AA with a 96.  Chuck Passwaters (Newbern, NC) and Fred Schnibben, (Newport, NC) tied in Class B with 97.  Fred won the shoot-off.  Class C was won by to Jeff DeSantis who defeated Bill Bertrand in a shoot off to break a 93 tie.  Class D was won by Ira Kirkland (Goldsboro, NC) with an 84.  Class E was won by Corey Cress (Salisbury, NC) with an 82. 


            In the 20 gauge on Saturday afternoon Scott McIntyre again broke a 99.  This 99 won the 20 gauge championship.  Harold Powell won Class AA with 97.   In class A Jim Hill of (Maysville, NC) and David Maness (Asheboro, NC) tied with 98 and Jim won the shoot-off.   Steve Russell (Denton, NC) won class B with 96. Jeff DeSantis won class C with a 90, and Ira Kirkland won class D with 87.


            Following the two events and the shoot-offs, some serious eating took place.  Shooters and guests were invited to a complementary dinner including barbecued pig, fried chicken, assorted side dishes, and a dessert table that had to be seen to be believed.  It was great! Our thanks go John Scott for arranging and coordinating this affair and to the many ladies who prepared food.


            When the shooting resumed with the 28 gauge on Sunday morning, John Scott (strengthened no doubt by that dinner) broke a 99 which was hotly pursued but not equaled.  The 99 won the 28 gauge followed by a total of five 98’s.  Three of those were shot in class AA by Henry Grubb, Randy King, and Scott McIntyre.  A shoot-off established Henry as AA champ.  Class A included a tie at 96 between Fred Schnibben and Ron Waidlick with Ron winning the shoot-off.  Bart Cranford (Ballground, GA) took A3 with a 94.  The other two 98’s were shot in class B by James Morgan (Fayetteville, NC) and Steve Russell.  James won the shoot-off.  Jeff DeSantis and Bobby Cress were tied at 90 in Class C.  The shoot-off was won by Jeff giving him the Class championship.  Brian Hill the Class D champion ship with a 79. 


            In the 410, Henry Grubb shot a 98 which was challenged by Scott McIntyre with a 97.  Therefore Henry took the 410 championship and Scott took Class AA.    The Class A championship went to Steve Russell with 93.  Class B was hotly contested with Randy King taking B1 with a 95 over Bob Cranford and Jennings Rose both of whom had 94. Class C was won by Brian Hill with 83 and class D was won by Corey cress with a 75.  


            When all the scores were totaled for the 400 targets, Scott McIntyre was the HOA champion with a 393.  Class HOA champions were AA- Henry Grubb with 387, A - John Scott with a 383, B – Randy King with a 385, C – Brian Hill with a 327, and C – Ira Kirkland with a 315.


            The tenth annual “March Winds Open” resulted in some good shooting and a lot of enjoyment.  We hope to continue this series.  Come join us!



From The Legislative Bench...  The Judiciary Subcommittee hearings of the BATFE continued with Part II on 2/28/06. A statement by Michael Bouchard, Assistant Director/Field Operations (BATFE) acknowledged that some techniques used in the Richmond gun show operations "were not implemented in a manner consistent with ATF's best practices." Wow, does that mean... shouldn't have "dunit"? In fairness, I should point out that more than 5,000 gun shows are held in the U.S. annually and the BATFE states it conducts investigations, on average, at 2% of the shows. Quite alarming was the statistic that between 2002 and 2005, more than 400 firearms sold by FFL dealers at the Richmond area gun shows were recovered in connection with criminal activity. Hmmm... enter Inspector Clouseau!


The following information in italics is provided by NRA-ILA Grassroots Alert, Vol.13, No.13, 3/31/06:

At back-to-back hearings on Tuesday, March 28, the House Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security, continued to focus on enforcement abuses at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE), and also aired opinions about a new bill to correct several issues in federal firearms law.


First, the subcommittee heard testimony from people with first-hand experience dealing with BATFE.  Virginia lawyer Richard Gardiner, who has represented many gun owners and dealers, focused on the way BATFE handles cases against federally licensed firearms dealers (FFLs)--often seeking to revoke FFLs for "trivial, immaterial violations" based on "undefined legal standards."  Gardiner described one case where a dealer lost his license even though BATFE itself agreed his records were 99.96% accurate, and the few errors posed no threat to public safety. 


Next, Lt. Michael Lara of the Tucson Police Department recounted his personal horror story at the hands of BATFE.  After buying a gun as a gift for a friend, Lt. Lara found himself facing federal felony charges as a "straw purchaser."  Lt. Lara lost his job, and didn't get it back before a three-month legal nightmare cost him more than $200,000 in legal fees, lost pay and other costs.  BATFE never even interviewed him during its investigation, and the jury acquitted him in less than an hour.


At the second hearing, the subcommittee focused on H.R. 5005, Rep. Lamar Smith's (R-TX) bill to make various technical changes and corrections in federal firearms law.  Anti-gun advocates have gone through the roof over one provision of H.R. 5005: a section that prohibits disclosure of firearms trace data outside of law enforcement investigations.  That language simply makes permanent a policy that Congress has enacted through annual appropriations riders for the past several years.  Yet at this hearing, anti-gun New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (R) hysterically denounced it as a "God-awful" bill that would "facilitate the shooting deaths of thousands of innocent Americans every year."  Of course, Bloomberg's real goal--besides publicity in the Big Apple media--is to use this confidential law enforcement information in the city's suit against the firearms industry.  Attorney Gardiner took the opportunity to point out that "what the Mayor is saying about this bill simply is not true," because the trace system is designed to help solve crimes, not to do statistical research.


Subcommittee Chairman Howard Coble (R-NC) and ranking member Bobby Scott (D-VA) agreed on the need to focus BATFE's efforts on enforcing current laws against serious criminals, while not pursuing petty violations or undermining civil liberties.  To that end, the "Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives Modernization and Reform Act of 2006" will soon be introduced.  This bipartisan bill will update the legal standards for disciplining violations by FFLs.  It also calls for a review of BATFE's enforcement practices, clarifies BATFE's responsibilities to keep the Bureau focused on its core mission.

On the internet, http://judiciary.house.gov/oversight.aspx?ID=214 you can click on the various elements of the hearings, including each witness testimony. I'll keep you informed of further developments.


Kansas (Governor Sebelius' veto overriden!) and Nebraska (Governor Heineman pledges signature!) join the ranks of the progressive... concealed carry for their law-abiding citizens. I feel for the citizens of Wisconsin and Illinois... denied the Right-To-Carry, thus far. There must be something in their cheese and big blow wind (Lincoln!), respectively, to corrupt their political process... remove the anti-gun politicians from office! Can you imagine in this day and time not having the opportunity to carry concealed... legally? 

Bag a turkey,



Regulator Gazette

March 1897


Headline: Bullseye Mike Has Big Boots


A lady went into a bar in Waco and saw a Bullseye Mike with his feet propped up on a table. He had the biggest boots she'd ever seen. The woman asked Mike if it's true what they say about men with big feet. 

Mike  grinned and said, "Shore is, little lady. Why don't you come on out to the bunkhouse and let me prove it to you."

The woman wanted to find out for herself, so she spent the night with him. The next morning she handed him a $100 bill.

Blushing, he said, "Well, thank ye ma'am. Ah'm real flattered. Ain't nobody ever paid me fer mah services before."

She said, "Don't be flattered...take the money and buy yourself some boots that fit..........Sorry 'bout that Mike.........


The posse for the March match was down sized a bit so that gave us time to shoot five fast and furious stages that were designed by Ragtime Kid.......Ragtime has been to the "Big Dance"  of late and shared some of the stages that he's come across there.  The scores went like this:


Seniors                         Traditional !st Flight          Traditional 2nd Flight         Gunfighter    

Titewad            137.51   Dick Holliday        154.61       Killer Karl                            230.40    Pard Picket   190.63  

Ragtime Kid      141.63   Mad Dog                173.52       Little Mix                           242.41    Blue Ridge   268.08

Stalker               207.92   High Noon Henry  183.50       Deputy Tumbleweed 292.58

Col. Angus        325.50  Bullseye Mike          191.47       Hugh G. Rection       326.76


Cowgirl.......Carolina Rose wins again.....


Looking at the time scores it's evident that those senior cowboys (who practice) can rule the roost.....Our next match will be on the second Saturday of April 4/8 so come out and play with us....watchers and cheerleaders are welcome.......