Buccaneer Gun Club

P.O. BOX 681 - Wilmington, NC 28402








                                        CLUB MEETING


              MONDAY,  August 8, 2005 - 7:00 P.M. Carolina BBQ  Restaurant  



                                               Upcoming Events



August 2005


                                    Sat.       6         Big Bore Silhouette Match

                           Mon.    8         Club Meeting

                           Sat.       13         Club Workday

                           Sun       14         Summertime Open, Skeet

                           Sat.       20         Cowboy Action Match

                           Sat.       27         .22 & Field Pistol

                           Sun.      28         Action Pistol Match


September 2005


                                    Sun.      11         Back-to-School Open, Skeet

                           Mon.    12         Club Meeting

                           Sat.       17         Cowboy Action Match

                           Sun.      25         Action Pistol Match





BUCCANEER GUN CLUB WEB SITE: www.buccaneergunclub.org

OTHER WEB SITES OF INTEREST: www: packing.org; www:ccowboys.com



WE NEED YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS:  Please send your e-mail address to the Secretary (ccaasmfc@cs.com), it is cheaper to send the newsletter that way, plus you will get club notices and For Sale items faster.  In addition, I have about 2 dozen e-mail addresses that are now undeliverable, if you used to get your newsletter via e-mail and do not now, please send in your new e-mail address.


START OF UNAPPROVED MINUTES for the 7/11/05 Meeting:

Meeting started at 7:11 pm, presided over by Vice President Dave Morgan, as President John Scott was playing hooky….


14  members present, 1 probationary member and 1 guest. Minutes approved from last month’s meeting as they appeared in the June Newsletter.  Treasurer Don Pelling – Treasurers Report approved as appeared in June newsletter.


Club Store does not have a lot of reloading stuff in stock.


Unfinished Business:  As reported previously, we have a brand new Cub Cadet tractor at the range.  One of the old tractors has been repaired also. 


New Business......Texas Star shooting contraption is bought and paid for and will be delivered shortly....can be used as part of cowboy match or action pistol....


The question came up :  Where do I get a Pistol Permit, Concealed carry Permit or Renew a CC permit? 

I called the Sheriffs office and got the following response:


All can be obtained at the Sheriffs Office

316 Princess St (In Courthouse)

Room 122 in Basement 


Friends of NRA Dinner is planned to 8/13 and members are encouraged to volunteer and try to help find sponsors for event.  We have the same number or maybe a few less than last year.  Motion was made to have the BGC be a sponsor for $250.  Approved unanimously. 


Roads:  The club has already approved the expenditure of $2000 to repair the road  next to the club, now the road coming in has washed out significantly.  A motion was made and approved to spend up to an additional $2000 for rock and work to repair the eroded section.


Motion made to adjourn.  Adjourned at 7:37 pm.  


END OF UNAPPROVED MINUTES for the 7/11/05 Meeting.


Friends of NRA Needs You for 2005...............

Friends of NRA is August 13th and the clock is ticking...If you have not called Ray yet to get your tickets on the way, you need to.....We're working hard to make this years event a bigger success and with your help it will be......I got some pretty amazing numbers from the NRA Field Rep the other day........Since we started doing this event every year since 1994 we have given over $90,000 to various youth shooting programs in the Cape Fear Area.......I don't know what you think about it but I think that is pretty darn good for a bunch of good ole boys who get together once a year for a fund raiser.....In addition to the $90,000 that came to the Cape Fear Area we also gave a bunch of money that goes to support national youth shooting and safety programs such as Eddie Eagle.......WE NEED MORE SPONSORS......you really increase you chances of winning a nice rifle or shotgun by being a sponsor.......The Sponsor gift from the committee this year is a limited edition statue of "The Rough Rider".......Go here   http://www.nrafoundation.org/friends/graphics/rr_statue.jpg on the internet to see what it looks like...or go by Shooters Choice to see one on display.......Call Ray at 910-520-4822 for more details on Sponsor programs or to order tickets....Please call and order tickets as it saves us a bunch of time that we could be doing something else to make this years event an even bigger success.........Ray



JULY NRA ACTION PISTOL MATCH (Sholar Powell): Hot weather and a small turnout gave us an abbreviated July match.  Hard to stand in 90 degree heat and pull the trigger all afternoon.  Thanks to Kevin Hill for showing up and handling some of the Range Officer duties.  The hardcore shooters (Ray J., Jay , Ray C., Don, and Kevin T.) came to play, and the scores are shown below.  See you in August.


Semi-Auto         High Master                              Jay Della Bella                            450/45x

Expert                                      Kevin Taylor                             440/44x

Sharpshooter                             Ray Jackson                               430/43x

Marksman                                 Joe Singerline                             380/38x


Semi-Auto         High Master                              Jay Della Bella                            427/25x

Expert                                      Kevin Taylor                             458/20x

Sharpshooter                             Don Pelling                               449/19x



Buccaneer Range Regulator Gazette

July 1897


Headline: Reverend U. B. Goode Offers Career Planning Seminar


You all remember the Reverend U B Goode from previous newsletters years ago.  He is the X-Gunfighter turned minister.  I think he saw the light while recovering from a serious bullet wound........His son, Johnny B. Goode was about to graduate from Miss Emma's (the X-harlet)  high school so the good Reverend decided to give Johnny some sort of test to see what sort of profession young Johnny might be suited for.....(Do you remember those test they gave you in high school to see what you would be suited for????  I remember mine, it said I’d make a great forest ranger/gambler/gunfighter/pimp........but that's another story for another time.)    Now back to the reverend and Johnny........The Reverends test went like this........He laid a Bible, a silver dollar, and a bottle of whiskey on Johnny's bed and hid in the closet.  He figured if Johnny picked up the bible first that he'd make a good preacher like himself.  Or if he picked up the silver dollar first that he'd be better suited to be a business man.......but, if he picked up the bottle of whiskey first that he'd be doomed to be a hopeless drunk (Like that Dick Holliday fellow)........After a while young Johnny gets home and after laying his books down he sees the items on the bed......He ponders then for a minute and then walks over to the bed.........Without hesitation he picks up the Bible, tucks it under his arm, then picks up the silver dollar and puts it in his pocket, then takes the bottle of whiskey, yanks the cork out with his teeth, and takes a big ole drink............The Reverend bursts out of the closet and yells......Oh my goodness....."MY SON'S GONNA BE A POLITICION"......


We had a big time at July's match....We tried out the new Texas Star with both the six shooters and the rifles.....The pistol was first on the star and some cowboys were pretty intimidated by it but with the ten shots you had to shoot the plates off, most were able to clean it.......The first shooter Dick Holliday was so pleased that he got them in five shots that he forgot to shoot the second pistol (you know how it is with them old guys).......Just wait till you see it next month, I've had a few ideas about how to make it a little more challenging......The rifle on the star was no problem for anybody....I must have had it too close. 


Scores for the match went like this


Traditional                     Traditional 2nd Flight                 Cowgirls           Seniors              Duelist              Senior Duelist

Ragtime                        Headmaster                               Carolina Rose    Cowboy Gus    Sonoma Kid      Pard Picket

Mad Dog                      Killer Karl                                 Deadeye Diva    Idaho Spud

Dick Holliday                Derringer Dave                                                 Carbine Kid

Bullseye Mike                 Deacon Dave

Col Case Hardin                        Marshall

Little Mix                      Silverado          

Cody Grey


Well that's about it for the July match but be sure to be with us on the third Saturday of August for another go at it.......if you'd like to see yourself in action just go to www.ragtimekid.com for some good pictures of the match and the scores with times and overall rankings for the match.......So in the meantime don't forget............"Take a kid shooting"........Respectfully submitted.........Ned Bluntline

              COWBOY /                 TOTAL