February 2004 NEWSLETTER




                  MONDAY, January 12, 2004 - 7:00 P.M. Pearls Restaurant

                                             Upcoming Events

                Sat./Sun. 7&8 BSATroop 220 (M. English)
                Sun.     8 Valentine Open, Skeet
                Mon.   9         Club Meeting
                Thurs.12         Tactical 3 Gun Match
                Sat.    14         New Member Orientation
                Sat.    21        Cowboy ActionMatch
                Sat/Sun.   28&29 BSA (inclement weather dates)

                                         March 2004

                Sat.      7        Club Workday
                Mon.   8          Club Meeting
                Sat.    13         Big BoreSilhouette Match
                Sun.   14         Springtime Open,Skeet
                Sat.    20         CowboyAction Match
                Sat. & Sun. 20-21  March Winds Open, NSSA Skeet, Skeet Fields
                Th, Fri&Sat    Dog Trials
                Sat.    27         .22 Field Pistol

BUCCANEERGUN CLUB WEB SITE:www.buccaneergunclub.org
OTHERWEB SITES OF INTEREST: www: packing.org; www:ccowboys.com

Note From The President  There will be big changes at the club this year as you will see discussed later in the newsletter.  I think you will be pleased with the direction the club is moving.  Please come out and take a look some time.  At the start of the New Year I wanted to suggest a few things for club members:

1.  Get your work day in early in the year.  It seems that there is a rush of people at the end of the year trying to get their workdays in, please try and get your workdays in early in the year to help prevent this confusion.  There are 4 scheduled workdays but you can contact me if you need a workday outside of those days.    

2.  As you will see later in the newsletter, we will be tearing down the rifle sheds to replace them with newer, more modern facilities.  The visible and audible alarms systems will be inoperative during the construction of the new range, so exercise extreme caution when shooting.   Make doubly sure no one is down range before you start shooting.  

3. Please take your paper targets down when you are through shooting rifle or pistol.  The old targets get wet and fall off the target stand and litter the club property, causing a real eye-sore.  Please be considerate and remove the old targets after you shoot. Thanks, John Scott

for the 1/12/04 Meeting

The meeting was called to order at Pearls Restaurant by President John Scott at 7:35 P.M. The minutes of the last meeting [December 8, 2003], as appearing in the newsletter, were accepted.


Skeet Had 12 shooter, 2 guests and 1 new shooter 12 years old.
Action Pistol       Will start in April.  
Cowboy              See report at end of newsletter.


The destruction of the current rifles range sheds was discussed.  January 23 and 24 were the dates set to try and get a crew out there.   

The club voted in the proposed constitutional amendment to raise the club membership from 225 to 250.  The vote was 26 for, 1 against.  Below is the new wording for the constitution:
Change Amendment 3 to the Buccaneer Gun Club Amendments to the By-Laws to read: The membership in the Buccaneer Gun Club will be limited to two hundred fifty (250) members not to include the twenty (20) life members or any Honorary Members. [Presently Amendment 3 to the Buccaneer Gun Club Amendments to the By-Laws reads: The membership in the Buccaneer Gun Club will be limited to two hundred twenty-five (225) members not to include the twenty (20) Life Members or any Honorary Members.]


The February meeting will be at Pearls Restaurant off N. Kerr Avenue in Castle Hayne.  
There have been 44 membership applications (see attached list).  They will be voted on at a meeting February 3.

ADJOURNMENT: Motion made and seconded to adjourn.  Adjournment was at 8:35 P.M.

END OF UNAPPROVED MINUTES for the 12/08/03 Meeting.

2004 BCG Applicant List
Here is the list of 44 applicants and their sponsors as of January 16:

              APPLICANT             SPONSOR
Gary Alden                Jim Graves              Howard Hoadley        Tom Morgan
Tim Baker                  Harold Lange         Norman Horne           Harold Lange
John Barnard, Sr.        Jack Flack            Michael Jacaruso       David James
Jay Della Bella           Kevin Hill                Ray Jackson              Don Pelling
Max Benton               Jack Kuske            RoyJames, Jr.
            D.Lon Downing
Charles Biggerstaff     Fred Welfare        
 Vaiden Kendrick         Robert O'Quinn  
Lewis Carleton           John Scott               Terry Kuhn                 Bob Huebner
David Caulkins           Sholar Powell            Jerry Mannen, Jr.         Scott Jamison
Bruce Chapman         David James             Wes McLean             Dwight Davidson
Kay Crocker              John Scott             B. Lee Morgan,III        Richard Crouch
Carey Cypher             Tom Morrison             Fred Murray              John Scott
Jim Daughtridge           Ron Hearn                John Newton                 Richard Dunlea
Michael Dombroski       Steve Dunwoody     Ricky Parker, Jr.        Tom Morgan
Ron Dombroski            Steve Dunwoody       Jeffrey Phillips            Tom Morgan
William Doyle             James Farrior            Peter Purcell             Milo McNaughton
Bill Dumas                  Sholar Powell            Bill Rabon                 Brian Hennessy
Lawrence Femuerty     Tom Morrison Charlie Ruppe                    Dwight Davidson
Jeff Fountain                 Don Sloop                Bill Schade                   Dave Ernst
John Goldean              SholarPowell             Steve Stone                 Ricci Wright
Joe Hack                    Sholar Powell             Tom West                    Dave Merrill  
Tommy Hawkins
        A.J. Parlatore             William Wetherill, Jr.   Tom Morrison
Fleet Helms               Dan Esmios              CharlesZirkle                 Jack Flack

New ShootingEvent - Tactical Three Gun Match

A TACTICAL THREE GUN MATCH is planned for Thursday, February 12th at 6:30 pm.

This match will be a hoot for anyone who has never been to one or seen one or heard of one.  You will need three guns:

1.  A rifle, the longer the magazine the better, you may have to shoot 20 or more rounds at a time very fast, some shots will be at moving targets.  Ar15's, mini14's, m1 carbines, FAls, M1As all should be adequate, we will also allow pistol caliber carbines as well.

2.  A shotgun, pumps or autos are fine but same as with the rifle you may be shooting up to 10 rounds at a time as fast as you can acquire the targets.  Targets will be stationary such as knock down steel plates.

3.  A pistol, any 10 round or more center fire auto pistol should do just fine

If you don't have all three guns then team up with someone who has what you may be lacking and come on out and have a good time, the shooting will be fast and furious.  We might  should call the Sheriffs department and warn them.  There will be two classes:

OPEN Class - Your rifle can have a dot sight or a scope or a bipod but shooting will be relatively close so no prone shooting will be required.  Your shotgun can hold 10+1 rounds and can have speed loaders. Your pistol may also have an optic on it.
LIMITED Class.... Your rifle has to have iron sights, pistol can have iron sights only.  Shotgun is limited to 9 rounds.  If any of your guns meet the open criteria then you shoot in OPEN class.......

This will be for a good time only....no prizes however we are giving the club $10.00 per shooter....you know to pay the light bill and to pay for whatever we tear up.......So bring $10.00, a rifle with approx 100 rounds of ammo maybe a little less..a pistol and holster with 100 rounds of ammo, and a shotgun and two boxes of shells and maybe a bandoleer to hold shells.......Scoring will be done by the Dick W. Holliday scoring system (yet to be figured out)....Call Ray Campbell 520-4822 with questions.......

*******************AnnouncementConcerning Valiant Bullets*************************
Valiant Bullet Order.......If I don't get a better response, it may be dead in the water.....If you're one of the guys that said "let me check and get back to  you".....it's time to do something...these are the least expensive bullets anywhere and they do not go bad, so order more than you need.....We need about 150,000 to get them to bring them to us.....so talk it up...this is not limited to club members by the way...if you've got a shoot'n buddy who reloads mention it to them.....Ray 520-4822

BUCCANEER GUN CLUB 2004 CALENDAR OF EVENTS: The calendar of events for 2004 follows:
Workdays will be the 1st Saturday in March, May, August and November starting at 8:00 A.M.
Big Bore Matches will be the 2nd Saturday in March, April, May, June, July and August starting at 10:00 A.M.
Skeet Matches will be the 2nd Sunday of every month starting at 1:00 P.M.
Club Meetings will be the 2nd Monday of every month starting at 7:00 P.M. Cowboy Action Matches will be the 3rd Saturday of every month, except December, starting at 9:00 A.M.
.22 Field Pistol Matcheswill be the 4th Saturday in March, April, May, June, July& August at 10:00 A.M.
Action Pistol Matches will be the 4th Sunday in April, May, June, July, August, September & October at 12noon.   
The March Winds Open Skeet Match, NSSA Skeet, is usually held on the week-end following the regularly scheduled March skeet match.  

Match Directors are requested to check their match dates so allowances may be made for holidays or other shoots and to advise the Secretary as soon as possible so a calendar may be drafted.

Cowboy ActionNewsletter
Regulator Gazette:January 1897

Hey cowboys and cowgirls.....I bumped into Dick Holliday's elderly mother the other day (Dick has thrown her into The Rusty Rifle Old Folks Home))  She is still mad at Dick and as her way of getting back at him, she gave me an old yellowed piece of paper.....I got to looking at it and realized that it was a clipping from an old newspaper back east  (before the family went west and found Regulatorville)......The clipping was Dicks letter to Santa Claus dated about 50 years ago......The following is Dick's letter word for word:

Dear Santa Claus,
Please send me a pumpgun, a model of the "Mayflower " (The large one), a wrist watch, and a double set of guns with large bullets and I would like a sweater. You were very good to me last Christmas.  I have tried to be good this year.
Dick Holliday
Dunn, N. C.

Except for the "Mayflower" and the sweater I expect that if Dick wrote a letter to Santa this past Christmas that he probably asked for about the same stuff.....What theysay is "the only difference between big boys and little boys is the cost of their toys." I hope you enjoyed Dicks letter as much as I did......Widow Holliday says she's got some of Dicks's old love letters that she may give me if he doesn't get her out of the Rest Home pretty soon.....

The January match wasthe kick off for the 2004 Cowboy Season and it was too cold to be too creative but there were a  few good moments....The first was before the match even got started when Roberdel (one of the elderly statesmen of the Posse)  realized that he forgot to bring his bullets to the gunfight.   He went back to his ranch and got back just in time to catch up with the posse. Don't laugh too loud Spud you've done the same except I think you forgot your guns last time.  Speaking of Spud he has enrolled for a reloading refresher course in the Dick Holliday School of Reloading and Hairdressing.........Not because he forgot to comb his hair, but because he forgot the powder in a bullet or twelve.  The first stage we shot was the debut of some of our new steel (it is quite a bit larger than the old ones).  What we learned from the debut of the big targets is that "The bigger the target, the faster you can miss it." Im not gonna call any names except "Mad Dog."  

Scores for the match went like this:
Candidates for Rusty Rifle Old Folks Home Young Studs Division
Idaho Spud Dick W. Holliday
Roberdel Mad Dog
Carbine Kid                                                        Colonel Case Hardin
Tom Two Feathers                                              Little Mix
Blacksmith DeaconDave

Silverado showed up late and even though he was not warmed up he shot the last two stages and had the distinction of posting the highest times for both......in case you are reading this for the first time...the highest time is not the best......but thanks Silverado for showing up and being a good sport....... We are working on some more "Big" targets for next month.  If you come you need to be practicing how good you can shoot your pistol through a hole in a board that you just blasted with your shotgun...It should be a hoot.....See you the third Saturday of February.

Respectfully submitted,
....and don't forget......Take a kid shooting.....
Ned Bluntline