December 2004 NEWSLETTER

Buccaneer Gun Club

P.O. BOX 681 - Wilmington, NC 28402



John Scott

675-9357 (H) 341-6263 (Pager)

Vice President

David Morgan

799-9057 (H) 762-6631 (W)


Dick Brame

793-3098 (W) 452-2763 (H)


Don Pelling 791-0926

Club Store

Hidy McEachern 762-9626 (W)

Benchrest Rifle

Don Sloop 799-4627 (H)

Wilt Leeuwenburg 395-2855 (H)

Big Bore Silhouette

Tom Mix 763-0870 (H)

Cowboy Action

Ray Campbell 686-7339 (H)

520-4822 (Cell)

Field Pistol/Rimfire Silhouette

Louis Stanley 259-8497 (H)


Dale Lear 686-2418 (H)

NRA Action Pistol

Sholar Powell Jr. 799-5438 (H)


Bill Murrell

452-2145 (H) 763-6274 (W)


Harold Lange 791-6232 (H)

Dave Miller 452-3416 (H)

Ransom Rest

Wayne Aycock 256-7215





      MONDAY, December 13, 2004 - 7:00 P.M. Pearls Restaurant  


        Upcoming Events


December 2004

                                 Sun.         12         Ho-Ho-Ho Open,  Skeet

                        Mon.         13         Club Meeting


                                          January 2005

                          Sun.     9         Mid-Winter Open, Skeet

                   Mon.    10    Club Meeting

                        Sat.         15         Cowboy Action Match

                        Sat.         29         David Miller Deer Rifle Challenge

PRES IDENT’S MESSAGE:  We have cleaned out the clubhouse and would like to make it more of an informal meeting place, a place where you can meet friends and relax after a shoot.  Thus we need comfortable sofas, nice chairs and other furniture.  We do not need old raggedy stuff, but nice furniture that would make the place comfortable.  If you have any please contact me: John Scott  675-9357 (H)   341-6263 (Pager)





MEMBERSHIP DUES NOTE: Your annual club dues statement is included in this newsletter.  Your dues, along with any work day payments and proof of NRA membership must be returned to the club by January 31, 2005, or your membership will be revoked.  As you can see below, there are 31 prospective new members waiting to get into the club, so there is no leeway for late dues.  If they are not in the club mailbox on or before January 31, you will not be a BGC member in 2005.


When you send in your dues, please include the enclosed receipt. 


MAILING LABEL INFO:  If your mailing label has your name in BOLD letters, and the next line is "NRA ????", the Club does not have a record of your current NRA membership number and expiration date.  Please be sure to include this with your dues statement; the info will be added to your label, and the BOLD removed




START OF UNAPPROVED MINUTES for the 11/8/04 Meeting:

The meeting was called to order at Pearl’s Restaurant by President John Scott at 7:24 P.M.  The October  minutes were approved (there being no November minutes due to a lack of quorum)  and the Treasurers report, as reported in the October and November newsletters, was approved.  

Unfinished Business:  President Scott reported there were a lot of members at the November workday. The rifle range construction is now mostly finished and the club grounds are clean.  Come out to see the new facilities if you haven’t already, but please leave them cleaner than you found them. 

New Business:  Dave Morgan: Brought up the need to replace the riding lawnmower at the club, it’s getting worn out. There was discussion but no action the proposal. 

John Scott brought up the new Trap and Skeet competition between BGC and Camp LeJeune (See details below). 

Sgt Miller once again volunteered to organize the Dave Miller Deer Rifle Challenge on Saturday, January 29th , 2005.    Same rules as last year, bring your deer rifle and be prepared to have a great time.  In addition, Sgt. Miller will serve up some good food for all.  If you have never attended this event you owe it to yourself to give it a try. 

Sgt Miller: brought to the clubs attention the availability of indoor pistol range equipment that could be donated to the club, if the club would put it to use.  After discussion it was decided the club did not presently have the facilities for the equipment and the next big project for the club was moving the skeet and trap fields to the new property. 



ADJOURNMENT: Motion made and seconded to adjourn.  Adjournment was at 8:55 P.M


END OF UNAPPROVED MINUTES for the 11/8/04 Meeting.


*** 5-Man Team Skeet and Trap Shoot ***



What:         Combination skeet and trap tournament, 50 bird trap (16 yd. singles) and 50 bird skeet, 5 man team event.  A total of 4 shoots, two at Buccaneer Gun Club (BGC) and two at LeJeune Recreational Shooting Club.  The final championship will be held at the BGC.


How:       Each club will provide a group of shooters for each event, hopefully more than five, to represent their club.  (Shooters with dual club membership shall choose a club to represent before the first event and shall remain with that club for all events.)  Important note: This is a fun shoot. Everyone is invited to shoot each time we shoot, it doesn’t matter if we have 5 shooters or 25 shooters – the best 5 scores that particular day will be the ones we use in the competition.  So come on out, have some fun and enjoy the company. 


Scoring: The combined skeet & trap scores for each event will be used to determine the 5-man team for each club for that event.  The total score of each 5-man team representing his or her club will be used to determine the HOA Team Champions.


               Each club will designate a team captain for each event to act as shoot management, verify scores, determine their 5-man team, settle tied scores and sign the event score sheet.


Awards:  Individual 5-man team winners for each event will receive and award at the completion of that event.  Also, following the completion of event #4 to be held at BGC, awards will be presented to the HOA Skeet Champion and HOA Trap Champion (based on their aggregate scores for the four events).  A traveling trophy will be awarded to winning club to display at their club for the next year.


Rules:     This is a non-registered shoot, but it will be shot according to NSSA and ATA rules.


Cost:         $20.00 entry fee per event including targets (which we recommend the club charge $3.00 per round for targets).



When:         December 5, 2004 – LeJeune Recreational Shooing Club

               January 16, 2005 – Buccaneer Gun Club

               February 20, 2005 – LeJeune Recreational Shooting Club

               March 6, 2005 – Buccaneer Gun Club (Awards Ceremony with food & drinks)

               Flights start at 10:00 am on the above dates.




For further information contact:

John Scott                                                     Randy King

910-675-9357 (evenings only) 910-612-1770



Cowboy Action Newsletter

Regulator Gazette

November 1897


Headline:  "Roberdel Makes His Point"

Roberdel went out to check his herd last Wednesday and found that he had no herd to check on.  He tracked the cattle and rustlers over a couple of counties and finally found the herd grazing on the edge of Red Rock Canyon.  A couple of the rustlers were watching the herd and with his keen tracker eye he could see that the main gang of the rustlers had headed over to Red Rock (a town known for it's red light district) for a little R and R.  Roberdel followed the tracks over to Carolina Rose's place and he quietly dismounted and peeked through the window.  He could see 10 guys sitting in the parlor waiting their turn and a few were playing a game of darts.  He figured he needed to give them a chance to give up before starting any gunplay so he slipped his long shiny Bowie knife from his sheath.  He eased the door open and threw the bowie knife at the dart board.  Scored a bullseye by the way.  The knife slammed through the board with a loud thud and everybody looked toward the door.  All they saw was a very pissed off Roberdel holding 2 big silver pistols.  Well as luck would have it one of the rustlers named Little Willie went for his hog leg and

I guess everybody else figured it was a matter of shoot or get shot so everybody grabbed some iron.  Not quick enough however as Roberdel sent them to the big bawdy house in the sky as fast as his colts would work.  As the rest of the gang came running down the stairs, they got a dose of lead from Roberdel's rifle.  Roberdel left just as quick as he had arrived and went back to the edge of town and reclaimed his cattle.


Headline:  New Faces Score Well at Quigley Match

After the cowboy shoot ended everybody that wanted to went over to the Quigley Bucket Range for a little long range fun.  We had seven shooters shoot 45-70's at the 300 yard Quigley Bucket.  The Battle for first was between Wild Willie Storck and Ragtime Kid Weatherill.  Both hit 4 out of 5 buckets on the first round and a sudden death bucket match ensued with Wild Wille Storck taking the first place prize (which by the way is only bragging rights).....The final scores went like this....Wild Willie, Ragtime Kid, Mad Dog, Dick Holliday, Cody Gray,  Tom Two Feathers,  and Stalker. 


Scores for the Cowboy match went like this.....since the cowgirls outshot at least one cowboy I'm showing everybody in the order of finish and showing their class beside their name....


Dick W. Holliday            Regulator Class  (also won the donut eating contest)

Mad Dog                       Regulator Class

Colonel Case Hardin             Regulator Class

Roberdel                       Senior Regulator (also first place at the knife throwing)

Ragtime Kid                   Some class he dreamed up..shoots one handed and mule eared shotgun

Cody Grey                         Regulator class

Deacon Dave                      Regulator Class

Idaho Spud                         Senior Regulator

Tom Two Feathers               Senior Regulator  Celebrated his 70th birthday at the match (Free donuts and coffee)

Wild Willie                          Senior Regulator  (won the Bucket match by the way)

Stalker                                Regulator (looks like a Senior but I'm not sure)

Dead Eye Diva                     Cowgirl    Beat her mother in law by less than a second

Carolina Rose                      Cowgirl

Silverado                              Regulator


No Cowboy in December but we'll see you on the third Saturday in January...Somebody remind me and we'll shoot the running buffalo again over on the moving target range...Thanks to the new manager of Shooters Choice Indoor Range "Ricci Wright" for giving us the throwing knife we used in this months until then don't forget......Take a kid shooting......Respectfully submitted.....Ned Bluntline



 New Applicants/Sponsors For 2005 Membership (as of 12/1/04)


Please take the time to look over this list and make sure it is accurate.  If you have sponsored someone and they do not appear below, please contact Sholar Powell Jr.:   799-5438 (H)


   Applicant                                                                                          Sponsor

1.  Aaron Williams                                                                         Vance Oliver

2.  Bill Harding                                                                                Tom Mix

3.  Jeff Fountain                                                                               Don Sloop

4.  Joe Hack                        Sholar Powell

5.  Doug Hobgood                        Vern Poindexter

6.  Gerald Huffman                        Doug Jackson

7.  William King                        Gehrig Austin

8.  Terry Capps                        Jon Mix

9.  Robert Graham                        Tom Morgan

10. Chris Benedict                        Vic Grose

11. Jeff Overocker                        Bob Buff

12.  Jonathan Shook                        Ray Campbell

13.  Terry Kuhn                        Bob Huebner

14.  Joseph Newman                        Doug Jackson

15.  Stephen Anderson                        Harold Lange

16.  Ralph Coble, III                        D. Lon Downing

17.  Daniel Ferguson                        Bill Bertrand

18.  Jeff Bellows                        Sholar Powell

19.  William Bergeron                        J.D. Gore

20.  Andy Besselieu                        Greg Taylor

21. Robert Shelton                        Bill Storcks

22. Lloyd Eastlack                        Dick Brame

23.  James Bullard                        Richard Crouch

24.  Michael Kinnebrew                        Jim Teachey

25.  Harold Gore                        Jim Teachey

26.  Robert Burney                        Don Pelling

27. Carson Boone                        B.L. Morgan

28.  Charles Ward                        Richard Crouch

29.  Chip Separk, Jr.                        Ray Campbell

30.  Charles Smith, Jr.                        Jim Teachey

31.  Tim Blazey                        John Scott