September 2001 Newsletter


  MONDAY September 10, 2001 - 7:00 P.M. at the Gun Club


Upcoming Events

Sunday September 9                               Back to School Open, Skeet - 1:00 P.M.

Monday September 10                            Club Meeting - 7:00 P.M.

Sunday September 23                             Action Pistol Match - 12 Noon

Saturday September 29                           Cowboy Action Match - 9:00 A.M.

NOTE: Both skeet fields have been reserved on Tuesday 10/30 from 4 to 11 PM


        Upcoming Events in October 2001           

Monday October 8                                    Club Meeting - 7:00 P.M.

Sunday October 14                                    Dove Season Open, Skeet - 1:00 P.M.

Saturday October 27                                  Cowboy Action Match - 9:00 A.M.

Sunday October 28                                    Action Pistol Match - 12 Noon




The meeting was called to order at the Clubhouse by Vice President Tom McGonigal at 7:07 P.M.

The minutes of the 7/9/01 meeting, as appearing in the newsletter, were accepted.



Skeet                      Bill Murrell advised there was a slim turn out with only 8 shooters.


Action Pistol            Sholar advised there were only 3 shooters so they just shot for fun in July.  The August match will start at 9:00 A.M.


Big Bore                 Tom advised there were 4, shooting 9 guns.


.22 Field Pistol            Jon Mix advised there were 20 guns or so at the last match.


Cowboy            Ray advised there were 11 people at the match with some shooters from Jacksonville.


Training           Vice President McGonigal advised the trainers will provide the Basic Pistol Course if anyone is interested or knows of someone who is interested.  There were 2 individuals that completed the Basic Pistol Course and desired to take the Concealed Carry Course.  They need to arrange this with the CCC trainers.  Members should contact the Training Staff regarding interest in any course.



 Regulator Gazette

August 11, 1897

Headline: Marshall Earp ambushed at barber shop..... Marshall Earp had just settled down in the barber chair to have the oil changed on his handlebar mustache when a shot came through the shop window. He quickly noticed two of the lesser known Clanton brothers Tyronne and Leroy and friends were preparing to do him in. He jumped up from the chair with the barber cape still around him and proceeded to polish off the gang with two blasts from his trusty scatter gun followed by ten pistol rounds and five rifle rounds. The Marshall has an appointment with the remaining Clanton brothers tomorrow at the OK Corral to discuss funeral arrangements for the deceased.

Headline: Fort Lumbee Attacked by Indians.....Fort Saved by School Marm...General Custer and troops left Fort Lumbee unguarded to go check on a small problem with Indians at the Little Big Horn.  School Marm Miss Barb Wire was holding class at the Fort school. She had just started teaching the Four "R's" (Reading, Riding, Roping, and Regulating) when she noticed Little Johnson (Big Johnson's son) getting excited by something he saw while staring out the window. She proceeded over to young Johnson and asked "What is your major malfunction Johnson". She glanced out the window and yelled "Indians!!!!!!!". She took control of the situation pulled her shotgun, two pistols, and rifle from her desk and ran to the various firing ports in the Fort wall and proceeded to send the raiding party to the Happy Hunting Grounds. She then ran outside the Fort walls, loaded an extra round in her rifle and shot the chief off his horse at a distance of at least one half a mile (the writer has been known to exaggerate measurements). It is expected that she will receive a commendation from General Custer when he returns.

Headline: Regulator Buffalo Hunt a Success..... The Regulator Posse rode out to the running buffalo range to stock up on buffalo steaks for the winter. They gave the buffalo a sporting chance by shooting them first with the pistol and then with the rifle. The top meat getter was Dick W. Holliday followed by Roberdale and Gunsmoke. The new school Marm Barb Wire set a new record for the cowgirls (I ain't saying what kind of record). Congratulations to Roberdale since this was his first American buffalo shooting experience (I understand however that he has given them a fit over on the Dark Continent).

Recap of the shooters in order of finish was: 

Flight one: Dick W. Holliday, Gunsmoke, Little Mix

Flight Two: Slick Vic, Heck No, Jeff Two Gun

Seniors: Roberdale, Idaho Spud, Tom Two Times, Doc Clock

Cow Girls: Barb Wire

The August match was a lot of fun and I am amazed that no one shot a hole in the Barbers cape (Provided by Penny’s Hair Salon). We still had a few moments that the shooters would prefer not to remember-one was when Jeff Two Guns revolver ended up on the ground rather than in his holster and the other was Barb Wire setting a new record in the running buffalo shoot (I still ain't saying what kind of record)....Oops just remembered another-Carl Busick alias The Frito Bandito stopped by to help shoot buffalo and was sidetracked when his pistol fell apart (Them Rugers ain't supposed to do that). 

The September Posse will form up on the last Saturday of September so if you want to come and play with us just show up with what you've got and we'll try to help with what you don't have. The newest member of the posse "Heck No" showed up and we got him going and I think he had a good time. We will try to do away with any excuse you may have for not showing up. So if you want to have a good time-come on out.......We still need some cowgirls and junior shooters so in the words of that old writer....Take a kid shooting........Respectfully submitted.......Louis LaManure

Summertime Skeet, August 11: (David Merrill)

On August 11th  there were winds of 20 knots, 92 degree heat, lots of fun and a small turnout characterized this contest.  Where was everyone?  Only 8 shooters turned out and C Class was the highest class that shot.  Dave Merrill won C, Nick King won D, and Chris Nubel, with his factory freshly modified Beretta took E and HOA.  Some fun was missed by those who left early when John Phelps, who had shot a 41 in the match, decided to shoot a practice round afterwards.  He proceeded to break his first 25 straight and with that, got his hat demolished with a 12 gauge.  Congratulation to both Chris and John for their accomplishments.  Others shooting in the match included Jeff Ballard, Dan Montgomery, Ray Marrett, and Steve Wheelas.  Our next match is Sept. 9th at 1:00pm, and we expect to regain our numbers in hopefully cooler weather.

Friends of the NRA Function on October 2rd : (Ray Campbell)

The 2001 NRA dinner/auction is being held Tuesday October 2.  Silent auctions and raffles will start at 6 P.M. Tickets price remains $25.00 each.  Sponsor packages are available for $225.00.  Sponsor packages include two entry tickets, an NRA embossed leather travel bag (really nice), hat with pin plus an entry into a sponsor only shooting match to be held in late 2001.  Sponsors are also included in a sponsor only drawing for premium firearm.. (Just ask Ron and Debbie Prince who won a Beretta O/U in one of the sponsor drawings last year).  The Dick W. Holliday School of Gun Fighting and Hairdressing has already signed on as our first sponsor for 2001.  If you really want to get an earful about what our money does in the community ask Master Gunnery Sgt. Miller what our money has meant for the JROTC shooting program at Hoggard or maybe talk to Elco Tinga and ask what our money did for his cub scout troop.

 We cannot thank the members of Buccaneer for your participation in this over the past 5 years...If you want to do us a favor please call Ray and order your tickets--if you don't-he is going to call you (as he always does) and with the club now at 225 members that really cuts into his reloading time....If you see you can't go this year call Ray anyway and consider a donation to the event.  Call Ray at 686-7339 or 520-4822.  A monetary donation is always nice but if you've got that (new or used) gun sitting around which you don't shoot or have any use for-we can give you a tax receipt for it (very liberal).  Small items for door prizes are also welcome. Thanks again and hope to see you on October 2....Dick W. Holliday....P.S. Take a kid shooting!