November 2001 Newsletter


MONDAY November 12, 2001 - 6:15 P.M. to eat (see limited menu on page 5) and 7:00 P.M. to meet at Sweetwater's, 5559 Oleander Drive, Wilmington, NC. (Wednesdays is across from the Batting Cages on Oleander Drive)

Upcoming Events 

Saturday November 3 Club Workday
Sunday November 11 Smoked Turkey Open, Skeet - 1:00 P.M.
Monday November 12 Club Meeting - 7:00 P.M.
Saturday November 24 Cowboy Action Match - 9:00 A.M.

Upcoming Events in December 2001 

Sunday December 9 Ho-Ho-Ho Open, Skeet - 1:00 P.M.
Monday December 10 Club Meeting - 7:00 P.M.

Message from the Secretary:

Life member Harry "Hap" Wagner died on September 6th as a result of Parkinson Disease. 

Buccaneer Gun Club Web Site:

Check out the BGC web site for lots of information at

Ray Campbell NRA Banquet was a success and grossed about $32,000 which should net about $18,000. Meals were served for approximately 305 people. Thanks to all who participated.

Bill Murrell MGy Sgt David Miller has requested another JROTC day in November for 10 to 12 students. Also, he requested a day at the range for the rifle team to practice (October) before the competition meet starts (will be a weekday). Motion passed unanimously.

President - Meetings will continue at Sweetwater's Restaurant. It is under new ownership, please consider eating there before the meeting, we receive the use of the room at no charge. Sunday November 18th at the Durham Co. Wildlife there will be a fun shoot with the proceeds going to FDNY. The skeet shoot will not be a registered shoot.


ADJOURNMENT: Meeting was adjourned at 7:55 P.M.


Thirteen enthusiastic shooters showed up for the shoot on October 14. A strong and gusty wind also showed up! The wind didn't dampen the enthusiasm, but it (or something) hit a lot of people in the score column. Wind is, of course, an old favorite excuse, but it really was pretty bad.  Never-the-less some good shooting and some good contests took place. 

First timer Doug Peacock took class F with a 37. Jerry Rouse and Ray Merritt tied in class E with 45's and Ray won the doubles at 3, 4, 5 shoot off to take the class. Nick King took class D with a 44. Dave Merrill took class C with a 44 and Tom Morrison took class B with a 47. Tom was followed in class B with three 46's.

It was a fun day and good preparation for winter skeet shooting. We will be at it again on the second Sunday in November. Come join us.


It has been requested that all skeet shooters please pay up their accounts by the December 10th meeting.


The final match of the year turned out to be one of the best-attended, as we had a good mix of local Club shooters as well as visitors from out-of-town. Maybe the free food was a hook. Based on the amount of grilled venison consumed by Ray "Food Hoover" Campbell, we can expect him to sprout antlers and go in rut within the next couple of weeks. Big Johnson meets Bambi......are you getting the picture? Thanks to everyone who came out and shot with us this year. We'll crank up the 2002 season in April, and hope to see more Club shooters giving Action Pistol a try. Winners at this match included:


Semi-Auto Expert Ray Campbell 400/40x
Marksman Brian Bailey 310/31
Pistolero Bill Murrell 240/24x
Revolver Pistolero Dave Morgan 160/16x


Semi-Auto Expert Ray Campbell 443/17x
Marksman Brian Bailey 396/8x
Pistolero Robert Caughey 325/7x


Semi-Auto Marksman Brian Bailey 382/8x
Pistolero Robert Caughey 322/7x


                                            Regulator Gazette 
                                        September 29, 1897 

Headline: Lash La Rue Back From The Dead.  After ambushing Lash La Rue the cattle rustlers went to town for a few hours of rest and relaxation.  They stopped by their favorite watering hole "The Hard Times Saloon and Dance Hall".  The band for the night was the Swinging Johnson Band.  The band had just started the first song when a noise akin to a gunshot rang out. The leader of the rustlers was just pouring a drink when the bottle disappeared from his hand along with a couple of fingers. The room went dead silent as everybody tried to figure out what happened. A glance to the door revealed a tall black suited cowboy who was coiling up a twelve foot bull whip. One of the rustlers yelled "I thought you were dead". Lash raised his first silver pistol and sent five rustlers to have a talk with Saint Peter. He then produced another pistol and dispatched five more rustlers that had taken cover behind the bar. Another crowd ran out the back door and headed for their horses. Lash applied the old rule of "If you run you must be guilty" and nailed five more with his trusty lever action. Sheriff Holliday ruled the shootings as self defense.

Headline: It Don't Pay To Be The MFIC. Deputy Barney Fife approached the crooks in true gunfighter style. He made sure he was riding in on his horse with the sun to his back. He was certain that this bunch was not going quietly. As he asked them "Which of you Hombres is the MFIC" he was taking off his Stetson as if to wipe his forehead. Just as the hat covered his gun hand Barney noticed all the crooks looking at one cowboy. Barney drew his gun from behind his hat and sent five rounds of 45 in the leaders direction. What happened next is unclear but six shotgun blasts and five rifle shots later Barney was vertical and everybody else was horizontal. Sheriff Holliday was amazed to hear of the encounter and all the gunplay that was involved since Deputy Fife generally was restricted from carrying more than one bullet at a time.

Headline: Which Cowboy Has The Biggest One. During a lighter moment at the last posse roundup Slick Vic was heard bragging that he had the biggest one in the posse. As cowboys will do, a rather heated discussion broke out between five members of the posse as to who had the longest one. To settle the argument, a rider was sent to get Miss Barb Wire "The School Marm" so a measurement could be made. Miss Wire, when told what the cowboys were arguing about, knew it would not take a long ruler to settle the dispute. The following are the results of the measurements: Gunsmoke--Did not have enough to measure, Tom Two Times--2 ½ inches, Dynamite Dan--2 3/4 inches, Slick Vic (who started the whole thing) 1 1/2 inches, Dick W. Holliday 6 3/4 inches. Thus went the "Longest Handlebar Mustache" contest.

Results for the September Fracas:  

Flight one--Dick W. Holliday, Gunsmoke, Slick Vic, Dynamite Dan 
Flight two--Cherokee Lou, Deacon Dave, Jeff Two Guns 
Cowgirls----Barb Wire 
Seniors----Idaho Spud, Tom Two Times, Doc Clock

As you can see we had a good turnout at the September posse. We also had a good peanut gallery watching the event. We also had a few guys watching to see if they want to play with us next month. After seeing us shoot I'm sure that they determined that one need not be a good shot to have a good time. As always equipment was traded around to make sure everyone who wanted to participate had all the stuff they needed. Gunsmoke ended up shooting the match with a borrowed gun after one of his six shooters died. Holliday was quick to loan him a gun but made him promise to pay for ammunition if he out shot him with his own gun. 

October's match will be Saturday the 27th with the posse meeting starting at 9 am. The match committee has some good ideas for the October shoot to make it as fun as usual. We still need more cowgirls and junior shooters so please bring Mama and Junior. Dick W. Holliday is now a granddaddy as the posse now has a new cowpoke by the name of Robert Campbell Woody. Grandma Holliday says he can't shoot in matches until he is at least 6 months old. Granddaddy Holliday has been in touch with SASS to see if he can use the Cowboy name of Big Wood or maybe Rusty Woody to use in matches. The posse may have a contest for the best name for junior Woody.  

Hope to see you in October. Take a kid shooting. Respectfully submitted--Ned Bluntline

LEGISLATIVE: (Sholar Powell)

GRNC Alert 10-22-01-- Gun Shows: Last Round for All the Marbles

SB 680, the bill to prevent frivolous lawsuits against gun makers passed the House by a wide margin last week. However, since versions of the bill passed by the House and Senate differ, the bill must go to a joint House-Senate Committee to reconcile the difference. Gun-control proponents are vigorously attempting to return gun show restrictions to the bill—— and they are even trying to take advantage of the tragedies of 9/11 to further their cause by claiming that terrorists are buying guns at gun shows. Their real goal is to end traditional gun shows and register private sales (of even muzzle loading rifles) through the FBI. 

Although thanks to the efforts of pro-gun legislator Pryor Gibson (D-Anson, Montgomery, Stanly, GRNC 4-star), the bill now contains concealed handgun reciprocity language, OUR FIRST PRIORITY MUST BE TO PROTECT GUN SHOWS!!!
That means: (1) We must deliver a clear message to the NC House that gun show restrictions in SB 680 would make the bill unacceptable EVEN IF the bill contains other pro-gun language; and (2) GRNC will oppose the bill if ANY gun show language is added, regardless of reciprocity provisions.

Sweetwater's DELI AND PUB: (Menu for BGC Meeting)

Sandwiches: Grouper Sandwich - $7.50; Reuben - $5.50; Our Philly Steak - $6.75 Salads: Grilled Chicken Salad - $7.95
Entrees: Vegetarian Pasta - $9.95; Seafood Combinations - fried, cajun or broiled, served with french fries or boiled red potatoes, vegetable medley or cole slaw and bread - Shrimp plate or Oyster plate or Flounder plate - $10.95; Scallop plate - $12.95; Choice of two - $12.95; Choice of three - $13.95 and All four - $14.95.Drinks: Ice tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages, water 

RANGE and ROAD WORK: (Don Sloop)

The 400 yard rifle range berm is done however the target supports need to be installed. The 200 yd., 300 yd. and some of the other berms were also worked on. Bill Murrell operated the equipment.  They closed the road, which use to cut across the corner of our new property, with ditch and dirt barricades and made a new road which follows the property boundary. The new road is rough so drive carefully on this portion of the road. 

CALENDAR DATES FOR 2002: (Secretary)

The Secretary has draft a 2002 BGC Calendar which will be available at the November meeting. Directors and other members who want to reserve dates are requested to see the Secretary at the meeting or else call or E-mail the Secretary so that the calendar can be set and distributed with the December Newsletter. 


Dues notifications and work day assessments will be sent out with the December newsletter. Members who receive the newsletter by e-mail will receive a December newsletter via mail. All members are reminded that if your dues payment is not received by the club (in the hands of the club and not in the U.S. mail) by midnight January 31, 2002 your membership will be terminated and your name dropped from the rolls.