August Newsletter


Upcoming Events 

Saturday August 4 Club Workday 
Saturday August 11 Cowboy Action Match - 9:00 A.M. 
Sunday August 12 Summertime Open, Skeet - 1:00 P.M. 
Monday August 13 Club Meeting - 7:00 P.M. 
Saturday August 18 Big Bore Silhouette Match - 10:00 A.M. 
Saturday August 25 .22 Field Pistol - 10:00 A.M. 
Sunday August 26 Action Pistol Match - 9:00 A.M. 

Big Bore Matches start at 10:00 AM; Skeet Matches start at 1:00 PM; Cowboy 
Action Matches start at 9:00 AM; .22 Field Pistol Matches start at 10:00 AM; 
Action Pistol Matches start at 12 Noon (except July and August when start 
time is 9:00 AM). 

Upcoming Events in September 2001 

Sunday September 9 Back to School Open, Skeet - 1:00 P.M. 
Monday September 10 Club Meeting - 7:00 P.M. 
Sunday September 23 Action Pistol Match - 12 Noon 
Saturday September 29 Cowboy Action Match - 9:00 A.M. 


Regulator Gazette 
July 28, 1897 

Headline--Reverend Goodie Creates log jam at Pearly Gates 
The Reverend U.B. Goodie was taking his dog Spot for his nightly 
constitutional when he happened to walk past the Better Times Saloon. He was 
upset by all the lewd and lascivious activities he heard going on inside. He 
tied Spot to the front door and entered the saloon and in order to get every 
bodies undivided attention he blasted two whiskey bottles off the bar with 
his trusty scatter gun...After getting every bodies attention, he announced 
for everyone to "Repent or meet your maker"... He did not hear any "Amens" 
from the patrons so in Reverend Goodie style he flipped over a gambling 
table- produced two revolvers and proceeded to send Ten sinners to meet Saint 
Peter and be judged. Sheriff Holliday pronounced the shootings as self 

Headline--Singing Bob ambushed at Cactus Gulch– 
Singing Bob (You know him from Trane Air conditioning commercials) was on his 
way home from serenading Sweet Sue. He was riding his horse Daisy and had 
just started the first verse of "Home on the Range" when a bullet whizzed by 
his head. He realized at that point that he was being dry gulched by the Mix 
Gang. He jumped off Daisy and pulled his shotgun and took care of the two 
closest Mix boys (I forgot to say that Singing Bob doesn't go anywhere 
without his baby blue banjo-so all shooting was done with the banjo in 
playing position). Bob then ran over to a cactus and proceeded to polish off 
the remaining Mix boys from around the arms of the cactus with ten rifle and 
ten pistol rounds. 

Moments that you try to forget from the match: Gunsmoke (a recent drop out 
from the Holliday School of Reloading and Hairdressing) continues to find 
shells with no powder in them and also managed to kill a Buzzard while 
shooting a shotgun stage when his gun accidentally discharged in the air 
while loading a shell in his "97". The posse has advised him to enroll in the 
Holliday School of Safe Gun Handling and Mortuary Science (The two can be 
related) .....Our new chuck wagon driver and cook Wishbone (Jerry Rouse) 
learned the hard way that you do not buy a used pump shotgun and take it to a 
Cowboy Match to try it out (It wouldn't shoot)......Dick W. Holliday (The 
Stage designer) forgot the shooting order of his own stage and was awarded 
several misses and procedurals. 

We awarded shooters in three classes as before--the Good, the Bad, and the 
Ugly. First flight ranking was Holliday, Gunsmoke, Jon Mix, and Duplin 
Kid....Second Flight was led by Jeff Two Guns, Cherokee Lou, and 
Wishbone.....Seniors were led by Idaho Spud, Roberdale, Doc Clock, and Tom 
Two Times........Jeff Two Guns a Junior shooter was awarded a pocket knife 
for winning his flight and was advised by Sheriff Holliday not to take it to 
Science class with him..... 

Everyone had a good time (even if there were no cowgirls present)...This was 
the first match that required some singing and banjo playing....Pre-match 
refreshments were provided by Mrs. Tom Two Times and were enjoyed by all....A 
big Regulator "Thank You" goes out to her for her efforts.....Now that we 
have a new chuck wagon driver and cook "Wishbone" he may help in that 
department...As always equipment was traded around so everybody had what they 
needed to shoot. So if you're short something and want to play with us just 
come out with what you have and we'll try to help with the rest. We always 
welcome Junior shooters (We need to give Jeff Two Guns some competition) so 
in the words of that not so famous Cowboy Shooter........."Take a kid 

Respectfully submitted.....Ned Buntline 

2001 CALENDAR OF EVENTS - September to December 

Sept 9 Back-to-School Open, Skeet 
10 Club Meeting 
23 NRA Action Pistol Match 
29 Cowboy Action Match 

Oct 8 Club Meeting 
14 Dove Season Open, Skeet 
27 Cowboy Action Match 
28 NRA Action Pistol Match 

Nov 3 Club Workday 
11 Smoked Turkey Open, Skeet 
12 Club Meeting 
24 Cowboy Action Match 

Dec 9 Ho-Ho-H open, Skeet 
10 Club Meeting 

Big Bore, Skeet, Action Pistol and Field Pistol Matches are open to the 
public. Call Match Directors listed in the Club Newsletter for information 
on matches. 

Skeet Matches start at 1:00 PM, Cowboy Action Matches start at 9:00 AM, 
Action Pistol Matches start at 12 Noon (except July and August when start 
time is 9:00 AM) 
Big Bore Matches start at 10:00 AM, .22 Field Pistol Matches start at 10:00 AM