Buccaneer Gun Club

                                  P.O. Box 11339

                            Wilmington, NC 28404


              Web Site:  www.buccaneergunclub.org



                                       GENERAL INFORMATION FOR NEW MEMBERS


1.  GENERAL:  Welcome to Buccaneer Gun Club!  You are now a member of one of the premier gun clubs in the Southeast.  The present members take extreme pride in what we have built here, and hope you will have the same pride in membership.  We are a sweat-equity gun club.  What you see has been built by the members.  We hope you will pitch in and become active in the Club as we continue to grow.


2.  DUES:   Your initiation fee ($300.00) and annual dues ($250.00) are due and payable once you are accepted as a Member of Buccaneer Gun Club.  There is an additional $35.00 charge if you are not already a member of NRA.  You are required to be a member of the NRA by Club By-Laws.  In the event you are not a member of NRA, the Club will sign you up for membership at Orientation.  Thereafter, you are responsible for renewing NRA membership.  

            Each year, annual dues and work day assessment (if applicable) are billed with the December newsletter, and payable by January 1.  These dues, along with proof of current NRA membership, and signed Range Safety Certification, become delinquent if not paid by January 31 (in the hands of the Club, not in the mail).  Any member whose dues payment, proof of NRA membership, or signed Range Safety Certification becomes delinquent will have his name removed from the Club rolls and his membership will be cancelled.

If a member is dropped from the rolls as a result of delinquent payments, he may submit a new membership application for consideration the following year.


3.  WORKDAY REQUIREMENTS:  There is a mandatory requirement of 2 workdays per calendar year for each Club member under the age of 70.  Four scheduled workdays will be designated by the Executive Committee at the beginning of the year.  Other workdays may be scheduled as required.  Each mandatory workday has a value of $80.00.  If a member does not satisfy his workday requirement, he will be assessed accordingly for the following year's dues payment.  Workday credit is not available after the final scheduled workday on the annual Club Calendar.  Workday status is posted on the web site for each member, listed by initials and birthdate.


4.  ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES:  Consumption of alcoholic beverages before or during shooting or handling firearms is strictly prohibited.  The Club does sponsor events where alcohol may be consumed, only after all guns are unloaded and cased. Any infringement of this rule will result in immediate termination of membership.


5.  NAMETAG BADGES:  You will be issued a Buccaneer Gun Club badge with your name.  When you are using the range, this badge should be worn or openly displayed.


6.  RANGE HORN SYSTEM:  We use a Range Horn System and operate as a “Red Line Cold Club” on the entire firing line (excluding the 3 pistol bays), for safety purposes:


One Blast -       The range is "Cold".  Cease fire, unload all firearms, leave actions open, visually verify the range is clear, and proceed downrange to set targets, etc.  All shooters not downrange, retreat behind the “Red Line”.

Two Blasts -    The range is "Hot".  Visually verify that no one is downrange before returning range to “Hot”.


There are three "push-button" horn controls on the range.  It is mandatory that you use the horn system, and abide by the guidelines stated above, for the safety of all shooters on the range.  The shooter who initially declares the range "cold" with

one blast has responsibility for verifying that all shooters have returned from downrange.  Once he has assured this, he is

responsible for declaring the range "hot" with two blasts of the horn. A strobe light/horn system has also been installed.  The controls for this light are at the end of the Silhouette shed, just left of the down-range road.  This strobe light/horn


should be used when you have to go downrange to the 300 & 400 yard berms.  Drive your vehicle downrange for the 100 yard berm and beyond.  This limits the amount of time the range is in a “cold” condition, and maximizes shooting time for everybody.


7.  NEWSLETTER MAILING LABEL INFO:  The information to the right of your name on the Newsletter mailing label indicates the following:

LM - Life Member.

N/A - Over 70 years old.

WD0 - No workdays completed.

WD1 - One workday completed.

WD2 - Two workdays completed.

S - Member has active skeet account and key to skeet range equipment.

T - Member has key to Action Pistol range equipment.

H - Honorary member.


8.  NEWSLETTER:  Published once a month, usually during the week prior to the second Monday.  Items of interest, guns for sale, etc., should be submitted to the Newsletter Editor no later than two weeks before the second Monday.  We prefer email delivery to control printing costs; please provide email address.


9.  KEYS: 

A.  The Gate key opens locks on the front gate, the Action Pistol target shed, the Cowboy Range target shed, and the Club House door.

B.  The Action Pistol Range key (if you complete the qualification course) opens the lock on the Moving Target control panel.

Gate and Action Pistol keys are to be kept in the member's possession at all times, and are not to be loaned to guests or family members.  Club members must accompany their guest and family members when they are using the range.


10.  TRASH:  Each member is responsible for policing up his own trash. Pull your targets and dispose of them once shooting is complete.  Blue plastic barrels are distributed around the property for trash collection.  A dumpster on the skeet range is available for disposal of clay pigeon boxes, shells, old targets, and other debris.  Members are asked to dump full blue barrels in the dumpster and return them to their location.  Clay pigeon boxes should be torn down to "flats" before placing in the dumpster.

                                                     DO NOT BURN TRASH ON CLUB PROPERTY!!

We have had several fires get out of control in the past, therefore burning of trash is not allowed without prior approval of the Executive Committee and a Brunswick County burn permit.


11.  SOFT DRINKS/SNACKS:  The refrigerator in the Clubhouse contains canned soft drinks & water, and snacks are on the counter.  We operate on the honor system, charging $.50/drink , $.25/water and $.25/snacks.  There is a can in the refrigerator for collection of money for drinks.  Snacks have a separate collection box.


12.  CLUB STORE:  The Club purchases ammunition, reloading components, shooting supplies, etc. at wholesale costs.  Members may purchase items at cost plus applicable sales tax.   You may order supplies by contacting the Club Store Director.  Goods are sold on a "Cash On Delivery" basis.


13.  SILHOUETTE TARGETS:  These metallic animal steel targets (Chicken, Pig, Turkey and Ram) are for pistol use only.  CENTERFIRE RIFLE BULLETS WILL PENETRATE THESE TARGETS.  The large swingers (full scale) permanently installed on the range, and the same-sized knock down targets, are for any centerfire pistol.  The mid-size (1/2

scale) targets are for straight-wall cartridge pistol only, not for centerfire bottleneck ammo.  The small (3/8 scale)

targets are for .22 rimfire ammo only.  Centerfire ammo will warp these small targets.  Eye and ear protection are required

when shooting silhouette targets.  DO NOT SHOOT ANY ANIMAL-SHAPED TARGETS WITH A RIFLE; YOUR





         A.  No shooting of glass objects allowed anytime.  No shooting of explosive targets (Tannerite, gas, propane, etc.)

B.  If you shoot tin cans or plastic bottles, police up your trash upon completion of shooting.

C.  Do not shoot over the berms.  Do not shoot “cross range”; line up directly with your target

D.  .50 BMG rifles should not shoot the steel at 100 & 200 yards.  Only the steel at 300 & 400 yards.  No armor           

penetrating or tracer ammo allowed.

E.  All targets should be placed directly in front of a berm.  No shooting of targets without a berm directly behind them.

F.  Guns will be loaded ONLY when shooter is positioned on the firing line, with muzzle pointed downrange, and the range is in a “Hot” condition.  At any other time, all guns will be unloaded with actions open.  Guns will not be handled when range is in a “Cold” condition.

G.  The target supports in front of the berms constitute the left and right boundaries for shooting.  Do not staple targets directly on the vertical or horizontal wood supports.  Staple on the backboard, so that bullets will not destroy the vertical and horizontal support timbers.  Remove your old targets before you leave the range.

H.  We are a “Red-Line Cold” club.  Details are explained in the Range Safety Certification form.  Annually, you are required to sign a Range Safety Certification and return this sign-off with your dues.  You received this form today and should insure the signature receipt has been turned in before the end of Orientation.


15.  STEEL PLATE/MOVING TARGET RANGE:  The round steel plate targets in the pistol bays are for straight-wall cartridge pistols only.  No centerfire bottleneck ammo, either pistol or rifle, are allowed on this range.  The following also apply when shooting steel plates:

A.  Use of either full metal jacket or lead ammo is allowed.

B.  No "magnum" cartridges are allowed.  If you want to shoot your .44 Mag, .41 Mag, .357 Mag pistols, use reduced loads.  No factory-loaded magnum cartridges.

C.  Eye and ear protection are mandatory for shooters and spectators using this range.


E.  The "firing line" is located at the closest shooter to the plates.  DO NOT shoot from staggered distances (example: standing at the 20 yard line and firing, with another shooter at the 10 yard line).

F.  The Moving Target equipment is for pistols only.  NO SHOTGUNS ALLOWED ON THIS RANGE.  Cables, ropes, etc. may be damaged by shotguns.

G.  Night shooting on the Action Pistol range must cease at 10:00pm.

If any of the steel plate targets break while in use, please repair them if you have access to welding equipment.  If you do not weld, place the damaged parts in the target shed.  Do not leave them on the range.


16.  STEEL TARGETS - RIFLE RANGE:  There are a number of round ,rectangular and tubular steel targets on the rifle range.  They are placed at the 100, 200, 300 and 400 yard berms as either free-standing or swingers.  These are to be shot with LEAD CORE AMMO ONLY.  DO NOT SHOOT THESE TARGETS WITH SURPLUS STEEL-CORE AMMO!!  These bullets will ricochet.  These specific targets are the only steel targets on the range for which rifle shooting is permissable.


17.  CLUB MEETINGS:  General membership meetings are held twice a year; once in November to nominate a slate of candidates for the Board of Directors, and again in January to elect the new board and approve new applicants.  The meetings of the Board of Directors are also open to the general membership, and will be advertised in the Club Newsletter and through e-mail.


18.  SKEET/TRAP:  Members should contact the Skeet/Trap Chairman for details on establishing a Skeet Account.  An orientation on the skeet and trap machines is required, in addition to a deposit for the member's Skeet Account.  You will be given the combination lock info once an account has been established.  Members should maintain a positive balance in their skeet accounts at all times. .  NIGHT SHOOTING IS NOT ALLOWED PAST 10:00PM.


19.  GUESTS:  Club members are allowed to bring 2 guests to the range per visit.  A Member’s immediate family is not considered a guest.  Each guest is limited to 3 visits/year to the range.  This does not apply to an individual residing outside of a 100 mile radius from the Club.  Intent of this rule is to prevent several individuals using the Club on an unlimited basis through one membership.  Each guest MUST sign a Range Safety Certification and Hold Harmless Agreement each time they visit the range.  The BGC host member is responsible for completing this item.  Forms can be found in the Clubhouse.


20.  LOST & FOUND POLICY:  If someone leaves equipment, guns, etc. at the range, and you find it, please take the

following steps:

a.  Post a note on the bulletin board stating you have found the equipment.  Leave your name and phone number.

b.  Take the "found" equipment with you when you leave.  Do not leave it at the range.

         c.  Call the Newsletter Editor and request a notification of the "found" equipment in the next issue.

d.  Return the equipment to the appropriate member once he calls you and verifies it is his.


21.  CLUBHOUSE FACILITIES: Your gate key also opens the Club house doors.  Restroom facilities are inside; please leave them cleaner than you found them.  We have a central heating/air conditioning system, controlled by a thermostat in the main room, with a timer device located in the kitchen.  Turn the timer to the number of hours you want to heat/cool the Club house and the system should come on.  It will automatically turn off when the timer expires.  If you use the kitchen facilities, please clean up afterwards.


22.  LEGISLATIVE PROGRAMS:  Buccaneer is dedicated to the promotion and protection of private firearms ownership.  There are a number of programs focused on this goal.  We need new people and ideas for these programs, so please consider the following and get involved in the ones that interest you:

1.  NCR&PA:  The North Carolina Rifle & Pistol Association is the state-level affiliate of the National Rifle Association.  NCR&PA is extremely active in the legislative arena, promoting pro-gun and fighting anti-gun legislation.  The NCR&PA also maintains a state network of individuals and organizations for exercising political clout on gun-related issues.  Buccaneer encourages Club members to join NCR&PA and support their programs and goals.

2.  NRA Training Programs:  Although these firearms training programs are not specifically related to legislation, Buccaneer offers them as a means to deliver the message that firearms ownership is an acceptable form of recreation and self-protection.  If you are interested in taking one of these courses, or if you would like to become an instructor, please contact the Training Committee chairman.

3.  Political elections:  In an election year, we try to have candidates and incumbents address the Club membership, with specific concentration on their positions on gun legislation.  Invitations are extended to individuals running for local, state and federal office.


23.  PERSONAL PROPERTY LIABILITY:  Buccaneer Gun Club assumes no liability for any member’s personal property which is lost, damaged, stolen, etc. while on Club property.  The member is responsible for any personal property which is used on Buccaneer property.


24.  HUNTING:  Hunting on Buccaneer Gun Club property is prohibited.   No exceptions to this policy.


25.  FIRST AID KIT/DEFIBRILLATOR:  A first aid kit and a defibrillator are mounted on the wall adjacent to the rest rooms in the Club House. 


25.  BGC LOGO CLOTHING:  Queensboro Shirt Company has established an E-Store through which clothing orders can be placed by individual BGC members, at any time of the year.  You will have the option of picking up your order at Queensboro’s facility in Wilmington, or having the order shipped directly to you.  Here’s how it works:


            1.  You can access the E-Store at the following URL:  www.bgc.qbstores.com

            2.  Click “register”, to set up your account using your email address.

            3.  You then have access to order all items that Queensboro has for sale, with the BGC-embroidered logo.

            4.  If you prefer to pick the items up at Queensboro and save the shipping charge, you can    mark the block at the             bottom of the “Shipping Address”.  Otherwise, you will pay shipping to the address you specify.

            5.  The E-Store is available year-round, so you are free to order at any time.  There is no minimum number of             items required; you may order as few or many pieces as you desire.


26.  E-MAIL ADDRESSES:  The majority of Club communications and correspondence occur via email.  If you have an email address, it is important that the Club has it on record.  Otherwise, you may miss important communications on changes in Match schedules, workdays, meetings, and other Club matters.  The Club is not responsible for communications a member does not receive due to the lack of an email address.


REVISION:  17 March 2012